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Feb 18, 2021, 09:01

He is a crackpot - but is missed on site.

Feb 18, 2021, 14:59

Maaik, he was here for a cameo a day or so ago.

Feb 19, 2021, 01:09

He’s embarrassed. He’ll be back soon though.

Feb 21, 2021, 11:15

My word ou maaikie is looking about as daft as poor old sellout China Joe. 

Ou maaikie take a look at Beeno's Trumpet oak!

Ditto that other mentally challenged nutter chipped ou.

Ou maaikie please read all of my posts just to alliviate your ignorance. I would hate to have you looking as ignorant and dumb as the stinkvis group.:D

Anyhow watching the AO men's final so can't correct posts. 

Feb 21, 2021, 11:16

Chipped how foolish do you feel you. Mampara!


Feb 24, 2021, 16:05

I see I stumped ou maaikie yet again.  It was a simple matter of refferung ou maaaaikie to Beeno's esteemed Trumpet.

No wonder ou maaikie has difficulty with my posts. He is far gone. 

Mike I hope you are bit losing your marbles. But don't you worry, I will NEVER assign you to the absurd Stinkvis Group. 

Feb 24, 2021, 18:52

How’s Trump doing Beenkop?

Feb 24, 2021, 20:11

Yes, the Twice-Impeached One-Term-Failure is in bad enough trouble as Cyrus Vance Jr builds his case of tax evasion, but he's also being investigated criminally for his insurrection speech and there's a new case of rape against him from a very credible source.

Lock the fat bloated pig up and throw away the key!

Feb 24, 2021, 22:33

Rooitwit you surely must have been dropped on your head as a baby. How dumb can you get.

Firstly its very evident that Trump on in a landslide.  The evidence of illegality and fraud are as high as mount Everest.

Trump of course is America's greatest ever President and won more votes by far than any other president in history adding a staggering 12 million minimum to 2016.

Vance like you are identical to a those nasty Stalinists. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said this:

Constitutional scholar, and best selling author Alan Dershowitz said that through the impeachment inquiry House Democrats are acting like the KGB under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Evidence does not matter to them, he said, and like KGB henchman Laverntiy Beria, all they declare is "show me the man," President Trump, and we'll "find you the crime."

No President in US history has been persecuted Like Trump and all because he was destroying the tyrannical Globalist World order.

You are a scumbag just like Stalin but of course without the power. In fact you are a fat hem pecked little man bullied by your wife with a fascist screaming to get out.

I have seen no comments from you about Big Tec censorship, Biden's abortion up to term. men in women's sport, open borders, the CCOP Demonrats lawlessness, fascist Antifa and racist BLM.

You know of course Stormy's case has been thrown out of court and thee are no charges against trump out there that I have heard of.

You do not mention Biden victim Tara Reade. Did you see the clip where tara's mum went on CNN and was interviewed by Larry King and told Larry Kingabout he daughter and a senator. Tara also told friends at the time what had happened.

No redstink your pal China Joe is a lyimg traitor owned by your other pals the CCP. He is as corrupts as hell. That you are a fan only confirms what a blithering, drooling loon you are.


Feb 24, 2021, 23:40

Trump is America’s greatest ever president


Probably the dumbest ever president for sure - as thick as pigshit

Poor old useless Donald

Feb 25, 2021, 19:36

Snapster your rugby ignorance is only surpassed by your political ignorance. 

By the way oaks do you k ow that China Joe who supposedly won 81 million votes (who believes that) gets a 49% approval rating from Rasmussen. The traitor is dropping fast.

The most alarming Stat was his 39% of the independent vote.

Democrats are trying to stop his sole control over the nuclear codes. The scumbag is far gone. 

Governor Cuomo is having deminrats turn on him and he looks to be toast. He is also being accused of all sorts of sex scandals. 

Meanwhile revelations of Hunters debauchery continue to drag the Biden name through the mud. 


President Trump will speak at CPAC on Sunday.  Tremendous interest in what he is going to say. 

Buyers remorse is setting in with Biden. I hear the State of the nation speech is being delayed. How will old Joe cope with that. 

Be sure they can't afford to have China Joe address American crowds he will be booed off the stage. ??????.

Enjoyed Tucker Carlsin's expose of the false 11 million illegals figure. It's probably closer to 30 million and more.

The financial costs of giving these people citizenship could well bankrupt the USA. 

Feb 25, 2021, 19:42

Safstink I have to place you alongside redstink as a nasty anti democratic Commie.

Bet you are overjoyed at Biden's war on women's sport. You pervs have made such a spectacle of yourselves. Who will forget your hatred of that great man Folau!

Sniffer Joe is a serious perv as well so no wonder you love the guy. Murdering unborn children makes China Joe a Rockstar in your book eh safstink! 

Beeno unmasking the Stinkvis group for the Fascist pervs they are. Not a difficult job of course. 

Feb 25, 2021, 19:44

Beenkop one certainty is the fact that anyone who thinks Trump is the best US president ever has to be the thickest plank ever and I mean that sincerely.

You have to be one stupid fuck to believe shit like that

So Beenkop , talk us through your hero’s next steps? What can we expect from the childish dumbfuck?

Feb 26, 2021, 10:54

Dave, there is a lot of speculation right now. 

President Trump, the Master strategist, will make his plans known in due course starting on  Sunday where he speaks at CPAC. 

Mitt Romney acknowledges that if Trump runs he will win the GOP nomination in a landslide. 

I suspect he will hammer the faltering Biden on policy and probably talk about how Rino Uniparty scum will be primaried.

Hope he goes into all the evidence of massive election fraud. I see Georgia are changing their election laws to stop what happened in November. That election is the biggest scandal in American history. 

But of course being the gullible and ignorant nutter you are Dave you won't know anything about that. 

You only know what Big Tech allows you to know etc. 

That is your big problem Dave you are an uninformed puppet. Putty in the hands of your handlers. 

Feb 26, 2021, 10:55


Feb 26, 2021, 12:33

So the master strategist as you put it managed to lose the election and be one of the few presidents not to secure a second term

Says a lot about his strategy and how brilliant he is

But more than anything it says everything about you Beenkop but you are too stupid to work that out

Please don’t stop embarrassing yourself on this board with your devotion to Trump the childish loser

Your takes on Trump trump the best comedians money can buy

Poor old dumb Donald

He must be so bored this days without a voice

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