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Apr 30, 2021, 18:15

I always try and watch out for games played in England to see how the SA Players  are doing,    Knowing that Esterhuizen is on contract with Harlequins that Esterhuizen plays for them the said team I watched a number of times - but Esyerhuizeen never played in the matches I did manage to watch,

I thought there must be a reason for him not playing and never knew why not.   I know read in a report -

*    that in January Esterhuizen got a 4 week ban for dangerous and unacceptable  play; and 

*    he now got a 6 week ban for striking out at a player.

Aside from the fact that Erasmus used him and came to the conclusion he should not be included  in the Springbok WC squad - now this,   In the past 17 weeks Esterhuien  was out of the game for 10 weeks.   Wonder how long he would last with Harlequins before they send him packing.        

Apr 30, 2021, 19:04

Best 12 the Boks could field. Either him, or more uncompetitive midfield play. 

Apr 30, 2021, 19:48

As per normal you are talking KAK.   Esterhuizen was given adequate opportunities to prove that he was a suitable selection for the WC squad and he was found  wanting,    Erasmus and his staff use data in\dealing with every activity while players are in the fact loafing or contributing to continuous basis to functioning of the team.    We do consequently do not it know why he was  not in  the WC squad,   There must have been a sound reason why he was out.


Apr 30, 2021, 21:38

Ja Esterhuizen keeps getting into kak - two bans in a short space of time

Great player, big fan - up there with de Allende, Am, Serfontein, Jessie and JVR

May 01, 2021, 01:01

Andre single handedly shuts down the legal Aussie attack, man handles Kerevi on his own and the defensive minded Josè selects Damian. Utterly shocking. Esterhuizen's body of work is better. It's not even close. Ende. 

May 01, 2021, 07:05

Also like Andre Esterhuizen as well...both are good but De Allende has the edge at this stage....we should be pleased to have depth in backline players...that's the strength of NZ, always has been.

May 01, 2021, 09:11

Kindergarten Imbecile

In five comparable tests -

*     Esterhuizen made 22 tackles and missed 5 ; and

*     De Allende  made 42 tackles and missed 5/

Does that sound like the former was shutting down single-handedly anything?     

May 01, 2021, 09:59

I like Esterhuizen too. Reminds me of Fransie...Maaik used to be a fan too, but then the quarrel started...

May 01, 2021, 10:41


Sure - Esterhuizen was a replica  of Frans Steyn - but sonmehow Frans was always a  top class full back and never a top class Center.    Erasmus saw him as a cover for Le Roux in the major tests in the WC and that is why he brought him into the WC squad,   

Frans was substandard at center after his return from France in 2012 and was never again used by Meyer at center.   Plumtree was 100%  correct  that Fras is not a real center - and he answer was accepted by Erasmus - who used him at center only  against two minion teams in the WC,

Even  White wanted to try him out in the no 7 loosie position - so there must have been question marks about Frans at center by him.

I think that Esterhuizen has the physicality  to be an enforcement center, but doubt about whether he has the ability to apply that benefit  to succeed as a comprehensive center,.       


May 01, 2021, 10:57

Yes, I agree to a certain degree Mike...Frans was a top class fullback and so was Pat Lambie.

These 2 players should stuck to developing their game in these positions and discarded their fly half and centre  ambitions. A player must always play in the position that they are best at and not what they want to play. Pat make his mark at fullback from his brilliant school days and although I think Frans also played fly half at Grey Bloem he was far better suited to fullback in the seniors game.

And with Andre , he is a good centre if can improve on his handling skills. He improved considerably after playing in Japan.

May 01, 2021, 19:16

Fransie's best games for the Boks were at 15, but he wasn't bad at 12...it's just that Jean was ahead of him, so he didn't get enough opportunity to make inside center his spot....but he played quite a few outstanding matches at 15...especially in 2009.

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