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Jun 02, 2024, 12:48

Just had a look at the knock out games and it is starting to look pretty interesting. With the next 3 weeks being the ultimate rugby challenge. 

The bulls have made it yet again and they look to be out best prospect. 

With Qtr and Semi games at home. 

The Stormers have to go Glasgow and will have to contend with Franco Smith charges. If they overcome that part then they will need to beat Munster at home. No easy feat, but it think the Stormers will be up for it after losing in the final to them last year. 

The Bulls have Benton and probably Leinster that will finally send their best team to SA and a taster for the Irish tour later on. 

I hope the Stormers can beat Glasgow and do the Bulls a favour by knocking out Munster. The Bulls did it to Leinster in he first season, so it is all to play for. It can either be an Irish final between Munster and Leinster or an all out Final between the Stormers and Bulls or a will we see another team emerge 

Jun 02, 2024, 15:55

Haha after all the stick Jake takes, he still produces. The Bulls tripped up a couple times this season but they look very solid and very dangerous. Not really my team, but would like to see them take it this year.

Watch out for the Leeus next year boys.

Draad, daai span van jou kan maar gaan kak, hoor!? That's a nice way to win heading into the business end of the competition. Should stand them in good stead. Nice to see them rolling on without Willemse.


Jun 02, 2024, 16:07

"Draad, daai span van jou kan maar gaan kak, hoor!? That's a nice way to win heading into the business end of the competition."

WTF?....I don't see them going all the way, but.... 

Jun 02, 2024, 16:20

I think the Stormers will do it….they have shown that you can never write them of….they play the whole 80 mins….Go Stormers!! : )

Jun 02, 2024, 21:16

The Stormers are not good travellers that is why they are where they are. If the picked one or two games then the would have had a home semi

Just remember, the bulls knocked at Leinster.

Although, Munster played all of their knock out rugby away from home and walked away with the spoils. They looked pretty decent when the beat the bulls in Pretoria. They play a really hard game and physical. Probably one of the most physical teams in the URC 

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