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Nov 14, 2022, 12:27

Yes you read that right - I’m saying call up Morne and start him against Italy and England for one certainty is - the coaches won’t start Libbok as he does not know the system. They will persist with Willemse at 10

With Pollard and Jantjies unavailable we are losing tests by not having an established 10 to control the game and secondly we don’t have a recognised goal kicker

I have never rated Morne as a player but since his return to the Bulls he has been good

Nov 14, 2022, 13:10

Willemse looks like he is playing a game of musical chairs when Leroux lines up at second receiver on attack. 

Why not drop Jessica Kriel and move Willemse to outside center. He has been in the system for ages, so he could probably meet the defensive requirements in the Rasnaber system.

Nov 14, 2022, 13:26

It’s what I would do. I’d start Libbok at 10 and move Willemse to 13

It’s how they lined up when Libbok came on against France for all of 5 min

Instead we will see them retain Willemse at 10 and we will see little Kwagga move to 7 in the absence of PSDT with Wiese returning to 8

When in fact it should be one of the du Preez twins at 7

Nov 14, 2022, 13:32

Ja, poor Libbok only got 5 min on the pitch. 

It is an absolute insult when he is the best 10 in the URC and can't even get decent game time. 

I'm not sure about Willemse and what his best position is. After all, he was always a 10, but would try do too much on his own. Very similar to Libbok, but the only difference is that Libbok spend the last 4 years being a journeyman and learned how to orchestrate the game where as Willemse has been moved around. There are some positions that players can mover around. Like lock and loose forward or centre wing and fullback.

But front row, 9 and 10 should always be specialist. Only when absolutely necessary. 

But the bok coaches have the entire year to sort this out. Instead they opt for players that hardly played in those key positions 

Nov 14, 2022, 13:54

Flyhalf has always been Willemse’s weakest position. His hand to foot is slow and he is just not wired to control a game from 10.

Gifted with ball in hand and an aggressive defender.

For me his best position by some distance is centre. He has played plenty of rugby at 12 and I’m sure he would be influential at 13

Nov 14, 2022, 15:45

Willemse is a stepper, not an out and out gas man. He does have a big boot on him an, excellent pass and he enjoys getting physically involved. Play him at 12 and Dud at 13 for the rest of the tour. Try Libbok against Italy, in spite of their success the Boks tend to dominate teams like the Bargies and Italy….it’s a small risk. And play Roos.

Nov 14, 2022, 16:11

Agreed Moz although I’m not sure who should move to 13 - Willemse or DA

Nov 14, 2022, 16:21

For any new flyhalf, they will need to get used to Leroux popping up at 2nd receiver. 

Nov 14, 2022, 20:52

That settles it, Saffex has lost the plot :D We need to set up some sort of intervention to bring him back to normality. 

Nov 14, 2022, 23:12

Becs I’m mellowing with age

Nov 15, 2022, 00:03

Ooh. I like the sound of that :)

Nov 17, 2022, 10:41


Dave calling for Morne.....

Never ever.... ever

Nov 17, 2022, 12:53

I would keep the 13 spot open for either Henco or see whether Jake will actually give Canan Moodie a crack at 13. So we got some youngsters that can come through in the next couple of year. 

Wonder whether Am should shift to 12 when he is fit. I most creative player other than Willie. We have missed him this year. Also great on defence. Doesn't come across physical but can make some huge hits. 

But looks like Jessica will be back next week as all the Prem players will have to report back as the Eng game falls outside the normal window

Nov 17, 2022, 13:26

DA has to stay in the side, Am is not a 12 leave him at 13

Henco should have been on the bench Saturday and given a run

I’d play Willemse at 12 and 13 to see how he goes

Nov 17, 2022, 15:09

I would only play Willemse at 13 for the boks if he played 5 or so games for the Stormers there otherwise I would not put him there until he has proven he can play there in 1st class game, not Test matches unless you are playing Romania 

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