Recruiting season is open, which SA teams need what to challenge next season

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Jun 03, 2024, 10:37

So it is another year and another season. SA teams are still not dominating as we expected or hoped for, but given that most of our top players are abroad, which teams need what. 

I hope we can get all four teams in the top 8, he'll, the top 4. 


What a shit show, the players were all over the place with dumb play, players trying to be cute and not knowing how to grind a game out. If it wasn't for that participation trophy, the sharks would have to answer some serious questions. What we did note is the Value of Etzebeth and a decent flyhalf. Looks like the sharks had enough of Bosch and he'll be playing in french D2. I think they need to stop with their affirmative action and just get the bloody beat players. Would be great to have the Du Preeze twins back in the sharks tank. I saw they got Esterhuizen back. They probably need a decent hooker and a hard nose lock to fill Etzebeth boots when is injured / resting. They also need to stop trying to play Harlem globe trotters and their quota players need to learn how to tackle. 


Exceeded expectations with probably the cheapest team. Destroyli is keep his hand gripped on the checkbook with no major signings. They have to get some solid players back. Would be amazing if they invested in Props, Locks, flyhalf and centre. Would have been great to see Marx and Kwagga. Time to get the check book out. 


Very frustrating season with flash in the pan rugby and being all over the place. Back line is unreal with lots of talent coming through with Fineberg Megomozulu and Hardenberg. 

I've not been impressed with the front row stocks and locks. Schickling will be making his way back next season and so will Kittshoff. Now with their new inverter, hope they can bring a few more old boys back. 


Best of the bunch but the player probably need one more season under their belt. They probably over loaded and back row talent and locks. Props look great and so do the locks. Kriel did well at 12, but they need a backup 10 to Goosen. The rest is pretty solid and expect them to win the next season if not this season 

Jun 03, 2024, 13:04

Bulls are pretty well covered I’d just like to see Jake wake up and invest in Moodie at 13. They probably need a good deputy to Willie at 15 and a better back up to Goosen at 10 than average Smith

Sharks have Nyakane, Jason Jenkins, Emmanuel Tsituka and Esterhuizen joining them - that is a very useful bunch

They are losing Kok on the wing plus Mapimpi is getting on so I’d say they need some wings. Penxe has never really broken through not sure why as he is useful

Stormers are getting Kitshoff back which is huge as relying on useless Brok Harris is a concern. JD Schickerling is returning who will add depth to an already handy group of locks. The Stormers could do with a class act at 13. Similane has potential but never gets an extended run

Lions tend to lose their quality players - losing Hendrikse and Emmanuel Tsituka is big. They could do with a 10, props hooker and locks.

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