Rassie Defends Kolisi after Weight Criticsm.

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Jun 30, 2024, 15:22

Jun 30, 2024, 15:31

Face it, at 218 lbs Kolisi is a fairly small flank. Is he trying to bulk up? And where better to do that than in France.

Jul 01, 2024, 06:05

Kolisi is a strange one. In his book Rassie also vehemently defends Kolisi, but we all know on the field Kolisi has major weaknesses. A strong carrier and secure tackler, but too frequently disappears for long periods (see France 2023) and he's a non-factor at the breakdowns.

Jul 01, 2024, 17:07

The best I have seen Kolisi play was under Alister Coetzee, and in some games when the Stormers play a running game.

He is good in an open-running game, more akin to a linking number 8. In tight games, he can go missing. Kolisi does usually have good games against the All Blacks, which are usually expansive with lots of open play. Turn overs have eluded Kolisi, it is not clear why.

Jul 02, 2024, 18:01

I wonder who weighs more…Eluckmiss or Kolisi.


Jul 03, 2024, 11:14

Fucking joke that that stupid prick called Kolisi fat - seeing a video clip of him in the gym on Instagram he looks lean and mean - muscled to the hilt

Fat my arse

Kolisi is 106kg

Jul 03, 2024, 11:57

Mozzie gets more pathetic by the day. 

Rassie is not playing international rugby. His being slightly overweight doesn't effect his coaching. 

Jul 03, 2024, 13:22

Wouldn’t say Kollisi is fat, but his Rugby performance outside of playing for the Boks, ( and that is also only sometimes) is not up to standard as it should be…. So maybe that is what the Guy meant with him being lazy ?

Jul 03, 2024, 14:00

That wanker called him out of shape - he is an ignorant prick who knows fuck all about rugby

Stupid prick probably confused muscle with fat

Jul 03, 2024, 15:11

Slightly….the man is a brick outhouse!

Jul 03, 2024, 20:09

Fat shaming our double RWC winning coach is not very endearing...

Jul 03, 2024, 20:35

Mozzietard has a Pathological hatred of Rassie. 

Jul 03, 2024, 20:40

I’m not exactly sure why Moz hates Rassie so - he comes across as a great guy

Instead he finds favour in Jake White who comes across as a complete prick

But then again Moz always has the contrary view - reminds me of my mother in law

Jul 03, 2024, 20:41

...connected to some or other mynhoop trauma from his formative years...some Dutchmen laaities did quite a job on him...and somehow Rassie reminds him of that...he's fine with most other boertjies, but boy does Rassie steek dwars in his krop...

Jul 03, 2024, 21:11

Hate is a very strong word….when you critical about someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you hate that person….actually still taking the time to comment on some of his actions or characteristics, shows the interest to maybe still care….Tassels makes it sometimes very difficult for a person to like him or approve of his actions and ways….to be Humble is a virtue and Tassels tends to be to full of himself to much…..even if we won back to back WC,s, it’s a must to stay humble in victory and defeat….in my opinion Rassie has lost some of that and needs to regain it back to when he started out as Bok Coach…..

Jul 03, 2024, 21:15

Mpower you speak too much shit - you come across as thick

Jul 03, 2024, 21:21

Look who is talking….practice what you preach : )

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