Probably one of the most objective summary on Rassiegate.

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Nov 21, 2021, 08:07

It's candidly honest and in correct context and very well written and contains no speculations and prejudice.

Craig Ray : Rassie saga reveals rugby’s flaws, and highlights nee...

Nov 21, 2021, 09:11

I'm not going to debate what Rassie did or did not because I don't know, neither does anybody here but one thing it was bold and brave and he might be the fall guy and has opened the door to do something about critically poor referee standards.

The saga the Australian/Wales game by Mike Adamson and TMO Plonker....does anyone want to watch rugby like this...not a damn !

The line has to be drawn somewhere...World Rugby must get off their fat butts and wake up and get proactive with these issues and NOT look for scapegoats to blame. The standards have to be upped or else rugby will lose it's old standards of integrity and become like soccer with FIFA being the godfathers.

"Australia, who had to play with 14 men for 65 minutes after Rob Valetini’s sending off and at one point went down to 13 after Kurtley Beale’s sin-binning, eventually lost only to the last kick of the match on Saturday."

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