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May 03, 2021, 10:14

I spent some time with Frans Malherbe's parents yesterday and they told me that Du Toit is leaving the Stormers/WP set-up  to play rugby in Japan.   Their son also received a multi-million dollar offer from the same club.

I now saw some story in the  media about the Du Toit's departure.  The factual situation is that the Stormers - WP set-up is totally broke and the reason for departure of test players can be linked to that situation, with bankruptcy being imminent.    Through idiocy the Stormer has gone the same way as the Kings,

Both Du Toit would have for different reasons preferred to play rugby in Cape Town - but they are being forced to leave because of the financial problems of their employers,  Du Toit is keen on farming and wanted to remain to be near to the family farming activities, while Malherbe's father is soon to be 78 years of age and not in good health.    Frans' father told him top leave for Japan as it would help him in future,

I guess that Rupert is hopping mad about the issue and may yet provide funds for the Bulls to contract the two players and keep them in SA.        


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