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Apr 01, 2024, 18:49

Former Wales rugby star Louis Rees-Zammit has joined back-to-back Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs. The 23-year-old drew interest from several NFL franchises, and also had meetings with the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos. Rees-Zammit, who was part of the 2024 international player pathway (IPP), joins the Chiefs just 10 weeks after quitting Welsh rugby on the eve of this year's Six Nations tournament. In a video posted on X, Rees-Zammit said he "can't wait" to see Chiefs fans at the team's Arrowhead Stadium.

Rees-Zammit signed a three-year contract with the Chiefs - typifying the faith shown in the Welshman by Andy Reid's team as IPP players aren't guaranteed any length of contract. He has also been given a guaranteed salary in addition to a signing bonus. He has targeted a hybrid role playing at both wide receiver and running back, and his next task will be to try to earn a regular-season roster spot. He was one of 16 players to take part in the 2024 IPP, a 10-week crash course designed to teach the required skills to succeed in the NFL. The ex-Gloucester player - who has won 32 caps for Wales, scoring 14 tries - showcased his skills at University of South Florida's Pro Day earlier this month, with scouts from all 32 NFL teams in attendance. While he did not test at an extremely high level in all metrics, his pace was impressive and up to the standard of NFL wide receivers. Now with the Chiefs, Rees-Zammit will be competing with the rest of the off-season squad to earn a place on Kansas City's final 53-man active roster for the 2024 season, which begins in September. If he does not make it, Rees-Zammit is likely to spend his first season on Kansas City's practice squad.….Impressive from the young Man.

Apr 01, 2024, 19:40

Still not sure whether he’ll be successful though.

Apr 01, 2024, 19:53

But it’s a big step towards fulfilling his dreams, especially joining the Super Bowl Champs….I hope he makes the 53 man squad.

Apr 01, 2024, 20:17

That’s true but none of the previous union players who have gone to the NFL have succeeded. 

We shall have to wait and see. 

Apr 07, 2024, 02:00

He had a page in the Wall Street Journal today…but I agree with you becs, the two sports are quite different.

Apr 08, 2024, 17:59

Yeah I just have a feeling he won’t quite cut the mustard. 

Apr 08, 2024, 18:20

Geez you guys are negative…just because others haven’t made it, doesn’t mean to say he won’t….yeah sure odds are stacked against him, but he still stands a chance of pulling it off….Go Louis prove Moz and Becs wrong : )

Apr 08, 2024, 18:22

I just don’t think he has it in him, Mpower. He might prove me wrong…..

Apr 08, 2024, 18:59

How about a friendly wager Becs? If I loose I will send you a nice bottle of Red wine from the Stellenbosch wine Region….if you loose then you send me….what is something nice from England??

Apr 08, 2024, 19:04

Cheeky ;) 

There’s some lovely things I could send :) 

Apr 08, 2024, 19:11

Just kidding Becs, I am sure there is very nice things : )

Apr 08, 2024, 19:14

I know you were :) 

There are some nice things. Saffex has managed to stay alive over here for quite a while now, so I’m sure he could recommend something :D

Apr 08, 2024, 19:21

Hopefully it’s not something like Haggis :)

Apr 08, 2024, 19:24

Oh God no !!! That’s grotesque. 

A nice Eton Mess might be good :) 

Apr 08, 2024, 19:57

Mmmmh…delicious : ) Did you know that a touch of Balsamic brings out the juiciness in the strawberries : )

Apr 08, 2024, 20:03

Ah does it now ? Clearly a man of many talents Mpower ;) 

Apr 08, 2024, 20:13

Becs before I take all the credit, I read that in a Jamie Oliver cook book…i tried it and it really does bring out the juiciness of the strawberries :) but thanks in Anycase Becs : )

Apr 08, 2024, 20:16

Ha ha ha ! 

Well, at least Jamie’s taught us all something :) 

Apr 08, 2024, 20:36

Indeed he did….I really like his recipes.

Apr 08, 2024, 23:28

A budding chef then, Mpower. 

Apr 09, 2024, 07:28

Well I do like cooking …there is a delicious Scallop recipe that I tried after watching Master Chef OZ….It involves Fresh Scallops with brazed Pork Belly and a zesty orange sauce as a starter…it was bloody delicious :) i do it for fun, not something I would want to do for a living …there is this Orange Almond cake with Kaffir Lime Ice Cream and Almond Praline that I still want to make…That Wynona made on Masterchef OZ….just for Fun : )

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