Lessons taken from the FR NZ game

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Nov 21, 2021, 14:49

NZ, the best team in the world and the ambassador to the rugby game, suffered a second defeat.

This game delivered a lesson, same as last week. Contrary to SA rugby claims, one does not need to play a slow plowing lack of rugby, milking penalties, pressing refs into taking dubious calls to beat NZ.

NZ can be beaten with a mix of power, speed, skills and flair giving a dynamic and brilliant game.

Rugby as a sport is about emotions.

Some people who hate on humanity keep promoting SA rugby brand in a sadistic effort to inflict pain, depression, despair to humanity. They want to kill the rugby game.

Other people who have hope in humanity want to make people life better by offering what rugby has to offer, brilliance, boldness, initiative, self reliance,  talent, friendship, respect, vibrant emotional moments.

This game was brilliant. This game was rugby.

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