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Nov 21, 2021, 14:40

First of all, EN took the opportunity to show the world who the world champion is.

People understood that following the loss of the 2023 WC hosting rights, WR felt bad and opted for  SA had to be compensated.

The most important lesson EN did respect the game of rugby and did not degrade themselves in an attempt to beat SA, they did not restrict their usual play style to the SA level. They kept their integrity.

Another lesson is SA rugby ressembling with those thugs who used to roam the battle field during middle ages.

Waiting for a battle to end then looting from corpses and cutting throats to the dying. They would not have stood a chance in a normal fight, but with a fighter crippled, injured to incapacity, they could prevail.

SA rugby works the same, they stand no chances against a fresh team but can make it against less fresh sides.

Nov 21, 2021, 15:22

England beat us with one point at Twickenham...after a very long disruptive year of rugby for South Africa...I would wager that everyone still knows exactly who the world champions are...the same team that's still ranked number 1...WR did their best to disrupt the Springboks in the week leading up to the England match, the Bokke still very nearly won...and you know I'm right...your burning hatred tells you every waking moment...lekkerrr!

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