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Mar 31, 2021, 00:06

Currently playing in Japan after doing a great job for the Bulls under Jake

I’m sure Jake tried hard to get him back but money talks

So he will reunite with his Bulls and Baby Bok partner in RG Snyman

This lock pair is our future once Eben and Lood pass their prime

Apr 02, 2021, 16:11

And now we even have Erasmus warning Ireland about importing too many foreigners ! 

Apr 02, 2021, 17:18

This was Munsters second choice signing. They where about to sign Steph du Toit on a one year deal for €600,000 but the IRFU stepped and blocked it as they where not willing to sanction such a big financial investment during the current financial uncertainty due to Covid.

Apr 02, 2021, 19:15

That's a lot of money for a year...even for a rich boy.:D

And only for a season, it would be like a holiday!

Apr 03, 2021, 09:08

When last did England dispite their Impressive Premier League last win the Soccer World Cup? Was it many decades ago.

Now why is that oaks. Why does England get nowhere in soccer.

Well the answer is obvious. Too many imported payers.

Rassie is giving these people good honest advice.

But of course SA Rugby has been severely damaged. Our competitiveness in  Super Rugby severely compromised. And no I don't blame the players for trying to make the most of their playing day financially speaking.

Apr 03, 2021, 11:11

England was nothing long before imported players. Imported players vastly increased tactical and technical advancements. Culturally? They just don't have it though. Peak was under Eriksen. 

Apr 04, 2021, 12:57

Please Organhuffer if so many spots are taken by foreign players that must weaken your base.

Assume 100% of players where foreign based how would that work out.

I hope you are getting a vague glimmer!

Apr 04, 2021, 14:15

A national team needs how many core players of quality? Not many. Even with an influx of foreigners, they should still have that core. Wayne Rooney's record is exceptional, yet he was a hardly a blip on the radar at tournaments aside from EURO 2004 when he was still at Everton. 

Apr 04, 2021, 19:29


Don't bother - the Kindergarten Imbecile  does  not understand the issue raised and  the following exceeds  his normal stupidity:-

A national team needs how many core players of quality? Not many. 


Apr 05, 2021, 01:22

Show me one rugby team that outright had the best team man for man, or soccer team. The core players are the difference makers. Your dream of a star studded team wonder kids is pure myth. How many. Last season the Premier League had 240 English players. The next highest nationalities were French at 36 and Spain at 29. Of 240 player slots, is it impossible to develop and use at least 5 of the best at international level? Think Lügnerin, think. How many more at grassroots level? In the U18 league there are 642 players, of which 155 are foreign. 

Apr 05, 2021, 13:58

Kindergarten Imbecile 

I wrote a long explanation why decent coaches like Dr  Craven  and Erasmus despise the BS that you spout about  core  players,   Rugby is a team sport and the team is as good as every members contribution to the team effort is,   

However, there are so many components of the game which you know zero about and iot will be a waste of time to explain the situation to you. 

Apr 05, 2021, 16:42

Now Keith Wood is cautioning against too many imported players.....

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