Hey Plum ... about that off season chess gathering ... ??

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Dec 10, 2018, 12:08

I doubt Denny will be up to facing Redneck and myself ... which is a pity ... but I guess when one mouths off as much as he has ... well, let's just say talk is cheap ... and one needs a big pair to back up all the boasting we've seen from him.

He's always had his tail firmly tucked and I can't see that changing any day soon ... so if we're going to do this we had better put it together ourselves.

Waiting on him would be foolish. It ain't gonna happen.

Anyone and everyone is invited to show us their magic ... what do you think ... ?  

Dec 10, 2018, 13:33

Plum they all use computers to play so don't waste your time. Wee cc has been upgrading his software as fast as dense and rooitwit have been upgrading theirs! As soon as they have the latest upgrade they start mouthing off! Bwahahahhahaahhahahahahaha

Dec 10, 2018, 15:25

I'm game CC

Winding things this week and then I shall be available for some games.

What's the time limit on moves?

You play in one sitting or over days/weeks?

Anyway, I hope Denny joins. It was his idea to start with.

Haha Beeno

How is one supposed to to tell if people are automating?

Dec 10, 2018, 15:50

Yeah ... I also hope Denny joins us ... doubt it though.

As for time limit ... we can set the parameters later but I would say no longer than 3 days ... it's up to you guys to decide what you'd prefer.

Patience isn't something I have much of.

Dec 10, 2018, 19:58

My vote would be to arrange a time date and get it done in one sitting.

No idea what the preferred method is.

Dec 10, 2018, 20:17

There are also live games that can be played with time controls ranging from 1 minute to 45 minutes, but you can obviously only play against people who have some time available there and then. LIke me . . . now.

If anyone would like a 5 or 10 minute game right now, go to chess.com, register, search for Epicurus62 and challenge me to a game.

Dec 10, 2018, 22:13

Let's set a date for this weekend. I'm up for one game on both Sat and Sun.

Short turn rules?

Dec 10, 2018, 23:02

You on SA time, Plum?

Dec 10, 2018, 23:15


Dec 10, 2018, 23:21

Plum you could get a nice virus and send it to these three miscreants? Would they last 5 minutes after their computer gives up the ghost! Hahahahahhahahahahahaha

Dec 10, 2018, 23:29

Saturday 10am, best of three. 10 minutes each per game.

Dec 11, 2018, 07:12

Saturday at 10 it is then ... great ... look forward to it.

Will it only be us three?

Denny? I doubt Moffie knows anything about chess. Anyone else ... Mike?

Surely we can't be the only three on Ruckers interested in chess ... ?

BeanDip? Shezza? Poepol? 

Common fellas ... anyone from down under ... ?

Dec 11, 2018, 07:47

Sounds good. 

I'll read up on the rules this week ;)

How's it work? If there's 3 of us, is the third able to watch?

Dec 11, 2018, 07:55

Not sure ... hope so ... or ... I'm sure we can even set it up so that we play each other at the same time.

Have you registered yet .. what's your handle ... ?

Dec 11, 2018, 12:06

Have registered at Chess.com

Handle: ThePlumThe

Maybe we can increase the game length to 30 mins? I mean, at your ages, those neurons don't travel quite as quickly as they used to.

PS Expect more and escalating levels of trash talk as Saturday approaches...bitches!

Dec 11, 2018, 12:13


Actually, that suits me better.

Be afraid, bozo ... BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!

Dec 11, 2018, 14:30

Come on Denny, we can't have a situation where all the participants will make the podium!! Mozter, you also strike me as the kind of fellow with an aptitude for a game like chess. Are you not interested in having a go?  

I have not played a game of chess in probably 30 years, so I'll surely hit my name with a plank if I try to compete, but I respect you three for being brave enough to actually have a go instead of just talking about it. I'll be on the outskirts of Dulstroom this weekend annoying the actual fly fishermen with my dogs. So even if I wasn't too chicken shit to participate, I wouldn't be able to. So may the best man win! I'll be back in the land of the living on Wednesday next for an update. 

I'm assuming of course that the results will be published here? 

Dec 11, 2018, 16:06

Yes of course ... I hope to be sporting both their heads on my wall ... and to be fair, I'll even play with my right hand tied behind my back ... yeah I know, a true gentleman ...

Dec 11, 2018, 16:22

Just gotta learn what the one with the diagonal cut in it's head does then I'm good to go.

Dec 11, 2018, 16:27

Okay, so I suggest we each play the others twice, once with black and once with white. That's 4 games each. 

I think 30 minutes each is way too long. I'm thinking more like 10 minutes each for a 20 minute game. Whether I'm at home or at work, an hour is a very long time for me to dedicate without any interruptions.

I think what might be better than 10 minutes each is a 5/5 game where we get 5 minutes each plus another 5 seconds added to our clocks every time we make a move. It would probably also work out around about a 20 minute game but you can manage your time a lot better if you move really fast. Either way I'm easy but 30 minutes each is too long for me.

I'm actually free right now if either Klown or Plum wants to get their two games with me over and done with. I've just come home from the maxillo-facial surgeon who extracted a rear molar and put in two implant pins so I'm in a really, really crappy mood and ready to dish out some pain. I have to take tomorrow off as well so I'm pretty much available to play any time between now and tomorrow afternoon. Just let me know on this thread and I'll set up the games at chess.com.

Dec 11, 2018, 17:05

Let me book my spot with you then for tomorrow morning ... say at 9 ... ok?

Speed chess is not my thing, Redneck. Let's try 10 minutes ...

Dec 11, 2018, 17:32

Not mine either Klown, my blitz rating is a lot lower than my standard rating. 

10 minutes each it is. See you tomorrow at 9 am!

Dec 11, 2018, 17:57

So what happened to Rugby Only on the top page. Not that I give a damn, but the hypocrisy is epic. So Urinal is it now okay for other posters to pursue non rugby topics on the first page? If not, please explain the topic limits.

Dec 11, 2018, 18:12

Oh do shut up you pompous old fart.

Dec 11, 2018, 18:15

Moz, I agree, but leave them be. Rooi is a much nicer person when not bickering. This will all turn to tripe if Denny enters too...he will have to some time, but for now I would like to see how this pans out with amicable participants :D.

Dec 11, 2018, 18:51

In other words: 'I don't have a leg to stand on, I'm a hypocrite'........thanks for that tacit omission Urinal.

Dec 11, 2018, 19:15

No, in other words, shut your stupid cakehole. That's all I'm saying. No hidden meanings or innuendo or anything like that.

Only your pathetic Servile Gimps give a toss what you think about anything, Moffie. 

PS Doesn't it embarrass you at all when you yap for my attention like this? Don't you feel the tiniest bit ashamed? (Don't answer, rather shut the heck up.)

Dec 11, 2018, 19:51

Oh the rank hypocrisy!!!!!! Amazing after all his bleating on this subject!

Dec 11, 2018, 20:48

Wehe . . . Baboon-ou getting pwned on the Trumpet so the most sickeningly fawning of the Servile Gimps chooses to lick his Massster's tailpipe clean instead.


The word "pathetic" doesn't quite cover it.

Dec 11, 2018, 20:51

Perspective is a female wolf.

Dec 12, 2018, 00:51

So much licking imagery.....what's a bet that's not envious imagination, but actually memory for Urinal. Here's the thing Mong, practice what you preach.

Dec 12, 2018, 01:04

Sounds like the comic genius is upset.....I would too if I've lost all of my rotten teeth and then have to chew on my gums...

rolling laughter emoticon

BTW, what is this thread doing in the rugby section?

Dec 12, 2018, 08:01

Sooo ... are you going to join us, Denny ... ??? You have your opportunity to teach us all a lesson ... put us in our place once and for all ... show us that you are indeed the kingpin on this board!!

You know you wanna ... things is though ... do you have the balls to step up to the plate?

When would be good for you? You can teach me my much needed lesson today if you like? I am available all day.

So ... ?

Dec 12, 2018, 08:05

Hey Plum ... when can we do our thing, boet ... err, I mean ... bozo??

I have been struggling to get on line since 6 this morning ... could already hear the words chickenshit coming from Redneck ...

Dec 12, 2018, 08:24

I guess Denny's too busy ... lol!!!

Dec 12, 2018, 08:24

I'm good for;

Saturday or Sunday day time.

From 9am until late afternoon. 

Friday, Saturday or Sunday

All evening.

As you you can tell, I've got a monster of a busy weekend planned. Tough being this popular.

They say a true conqueror let's you chose the hour of your demise.

Dec 12, 2018, 08:25

Redneck ... I'm going by the name "TheIvoryKing63" ...

Dec 12, 2018, 08:29

Denny, this was your idea. 

Hope you come to the party.

Whatever kak happened in the past is...in the past. Let's have some fun here for a change.


Dec 12, 2018, 08:31

Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa ... anyone ever tell you that you're seriously not well ... ??

Well in that case ... how about we stick to the time as decided upon earlier ... Saturday 10 am ... I wouldn't want you to be taking both Redneck and myself on at the same time ... ya know ... oh, and I will be playing with my right hand against you ... !!

YOU'RE GOING DOWN ... !!!!!!!

Dec 12, 2018, 08:32

Damn right, Plum ... it is after all only a chess match.

Dec 12, 2018, 08:59

Klown, I've added you as a friend. Waiting for you to confirm then will set up game.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:01

I see a msg on chess.com saying their server will restart in 1 minute. 

You see my friend request? I'm Epicurus62

Dec 12, 2018, 09:03

They are down for 20 minutes. Can you do 09h30?

Dec 12, 2018, 09:06

Plum, I've also sent a friend request to ThePlumThe.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:13

Yeah ... no problem ... will confirm your friend request as soon as a I receive it ...

Dec 12, 2018, 09:20

Check your notifications. It should be instant. Maybe the server restart is causing probs?

Otherwise search for Epicurus62, click on that name and send me a friend request.

PS My name has a British flag rather than a SA one. That's because I was posing as a Pom when I challenged Dense. He thought I was a cricket fan wanting to chat to him about the Ashes series last year . . . hehe!

Dec 12, 2018, 09:23

Received and confirmed ... great ... let's get it on ... David.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:26

Live chess server down for another 10 minutes according to them.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:29

Okay, waiting for you to accept challenge, good to go.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:33

Yeah, I saw ... frustrating ... enough time to get me some tea ...

Dec 12, 2018, 09:33

Try again. It tells me I'm waiting for you to accept.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:38

nothing coming through yet ... ?

Dec 12, 2018, 09:39

Click "play", then click "live/blitz". You should see me there waiting patiently.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:45

"Challenge failed. Can't create a challenge because either you or TheIvoryKing63 is currently playing."

Dec 12, 2018, 09:47

When you go into live chess and click play, if a game starts automatically just ignore it and it will abort in 15 seconds (and you won't losing rating points). Then look for my challenge and accept that.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:50

I've done as advised ... don't see you there ... clicked on "play" ... then "live chess" ... sorry bear with me ... no "live blitz" ...

Dec 12, 2018, 09:51

You've gone offline according to me.

Dec 12, 2018, 09:52

sorry man ... I'm getting there ...

Dec 12, 2018, 09:52

I've also never done this. Only ever played random opponents.

Okay, let's try you setting up the challenge . . . hang on . . . we're there. Go!

Dec 12, 2018, 10:11

sheeeat ... !!! told ya ... speed chess isn't my thing ... I guess thats your win then ...

Dec 12, 2018, 10:12

Klown, you had the better position by miles. I've challenged again.

Dec 12, 2018, 10:22

well played ...that's 2 zip to you ...

Dec 12, 2018, 10:24

The score is Rooinek 2, Klown zip.

Klown had me by the balls in game 1 but lost on time. Second game Klown blundered.

Good games Klown. We'll play more!

Plum's turn now.

Dec 12, 2018, 10:24

Saturday, Plum?

Dec 12, 2018, 10:25

Klown, next time we'll play 5/5. That means you get 5 minutes to start with but you gain 5 seconds every move you make so if you move quick you never lose all your time.

Dec 12, 2018, 10:28

I will have to work on my speed chess ... that was my first attempt at it ...

Thanks Redneck ... good game.

Dec 12, 2018, 10:29

It's quite intense, hey?

Dec 12, 2018, 13:19

I'll be able jump on tomorrow evening if you guys can't wait until the weekend to beat me.

Rooi, watch out. CC is hustling you. 

Next he'll suggest a nominal bet

Dec 12, 2018, 13:42

Wouldn't be surprised. Klown is strong player. Much stronger than Dense.

Dec 12, 2018, 14:22

What a stupid format to play chess on.

I come from behind ... get myself into a strong position to win the match ... and then lose cause I'm out of time.


How many players out there win matches purely on having more time on their clock? They give their opponent the run around ... I can see how a cunning player can use this as a tool to win matches.

Well Plum ... I am ready whenever you are ... we'll try it the Redneck way ... see what happens.



Dec 12, 2018, 14:26

Denny is a strong player ... I wouldn't write him off ... and I certainly don't underestimate him.

All he needs is a little courage.

As for being better than him ... well ... not so sure about that ... a simple clock seems to have my number.

Dec 13, 2018, 07:10

"What a stupid format to play chess on".

Exactly right. It's called "Lightning Chess" in Chess speak......Bozo. Thought you'd know that but from all accounts it's your first go at it mmmmm. You now understand it takes getting used to because not only do you play the person across from you but you're also playing the clock. Lightning Chess is not the recognized format of Chess championships. For the uniniated it's like 20/20 Cricket in comparison to Test cricket and we all know that Test cricket rules supreme and 20/20 is frowned upon. Koosie it seems plays the abreviated version of Chess on a monotonous basis ......I don't.

So you got suckered by Koosie and if that's not enough you even went as far as thanking him.....then again he is your Alter Ego. Hilariously dumb.

The way you normally play is standard practice and allows for various time zones and in the interest of familiarity is the format you should have chosen. The format should have been up for negotiation not arbitrarily decided. What's with the rush anyway? And just to labour the point that's how the World Chess Championships is played. To be exact, it's 40 moves in the first 1.5hours and then if still undecided it's 20 moves within the next 30 minutes. Well that was the format back in the day.

Didn't you hear Clint Eastwood say "A man's got know his limitations"?

Once again I've given you the heads up, could have warned you a bit earlier but because of our history I decided to watch from the sidelines and watch the laughable inevitable play out.

So, I hope you now understand why I won't be led by the nose into something  I don't like, I said I hope you understand, I doubt it, that's why there's winners and losers and you are a loser.....and I'm not a coward.

But hey, you keep singing that song.......that's the way you roll.....I thank you for the laugh.

ps I see Koosie has suggested and even shorter 5/5 minute games next time round.....

animated laughing emoticon

Dec 13, 2018, 07:58

Ja okaaaaaaaaaaay Denny.

Thanks for the support boet.

Rooi never suckered anybody. I asked for a format to be suggested and CC himself also said he didn't have much patience.

Willing to put money on the fact that Rooi would happily play another format as well.

Nobody got suckered here and it's been completely amicable.

This was your idea and we carried it through. 

You were welcome at any point to give your recommendation as to the game length and since the majority were on the fence...we'd probably have gone along with your suggestion.

Try to be a bit positive guy. Geez.

Dec 13, 2018, 08:01

Rooi and CC

I'm available to do my games this evening if you want. 

That way, once they're done we can change format if you'd like to.

Dec 13, 2018, 08:32

Great, Plum ... name a time and let's get it on.

Look forward to it.

Dec 13, 2018, 09:07

Denny ... your little lecture made me think of a tennis opponent I once faced when I was around 15 or so.

Demo Salerno ... never forget his name. He had the biggest hook nose I ever did see.

We agreed to meet at the local tennis club which was about 15km away. I tucked the wooden tennis racket my dad had given me into the back of my t-shirt and rode there on my bicycle ... arrived with plenty of time to spare.

A pair of white rugby shorts and takkies without socks went with my blue t-shirt.

Demo arrived there with his mommy in their fancy car ... and strode out onto the court fully kitted out. I had never seen the likes.

Head band ... a cap on his head with the peak covering his neck ... wrist bands ... beautiful white tennis shoes ... brilliant white clothing ... a bag with at least 4 or 5 steel rackets in (the latest tech)  ... and two tins of brand new tennis balls ... bright yellow.

I felt totally out of place. 

Any way, we started the match after a short warm up ... and then I proceeded to give him the hiding of his life. .. 6-2 6-2 ... I had him running from corner to corner .. gasping ... sweating ... all nicely kitted out in his best. 

I never faced him on the court again.

So ... long story short ... thank you for filling me in on all the rules of chess ... I have learnt something from you today. The funny thing is though, you and Demo are much alike. All the gear, all the knowledge of the game, years and years of playing it and yet, you can barely make a 1500 ranking.

Oh ... and what you also have in common with Demo Salerno, is that he too ducked and dived my challenges ... a thousand excuses ... but sadly he didn't have the character ... or the balls to face me again.

I always regarded him as a coward because of it ... sound familiar?

As for being duped by Redneck ... no doubt he's a lot more comfortable with blitz chess than I am ... but it s what we agreed on. I have learnt that I need to work on this format ... and that it could be beneficial to my overall game. Who knows ... I may even be good at it.

It's definitely worth a shot.

Dec 13, 2018, 09:24

Plum, I'll be available this evening to finish this mini-tournament off after your games against Klown.

Let's stick to the 10 minutes per player. We can try 5/5 or even 15/10 games next time.

If anyone is keen for a normal daily tournament I'm up for that as well.

Dense is just a weak, gutless little coward so ignore all his accusations and sputtering excuses. He's such a craven coward that to this day he won't admit that I smashed him 4.5 to 1.5 in our last series of games or that I drilled him 5-0 when we first played live games on Yahoo . . . but if Dense summons up the courage to join us in blitz games or normal daily games, I'll play him too.

"Exactly right. It's called "Lightning Chess" in Chess speak......Bozo."

Wrong, in "chess speak" it's either called "rapid chess" or simply "Blitz" depending on the time controls. No-one refers to "lightning chess".

"Lightning Chess is not the recognized format of Chess championships."

There is a World Rapid Chess Championship just as there is a World Blitz Chess Championship. Furthermore, when Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana drew every game of their recent World Chess Championship match, the tiebreakers were played using Rapid Chess time controls and if those had been drawn as well (they weren't, Carlsen won the 3rd Rapid Chess game) then they would have moved on to Blitz . . . so basically, anyone who thinks these aren't recognized versions of the game is ignorant . . . and anyone who is that ignorant but still feels the need to opine about a subject he knows nothing about is an ignorant fool.

Dec 13, 2018, 18:06

On now if you guys are ready to be obliterated.

This will hurt, i promise.

Dec 13, 2018, 18:24

Rooi, i see you're online.

Trying to figure out how to challenge you...

Dec 13, 2018, 19:22

Hi Plum ... shall we get started?

Dec 13, 2018, 19:25

Hiya...played two games already. one loss due to time and one win due to resignation haha.

Do you know how to set it up? I've just been starting random matches.

Dec 13, 2018, 19:36

not sure ... lets see ... 

Dec 13, 2018, 19:38

seems it's not that complicated ... challenge issued ... waiting for you to accept ...

Dec 13, 2018, 19:39

So i can make us a match but the shortest time limit i can manage is 1 Day.

Dec 13, 2018, 19:39

ah ok...sec

Dec 13, 2018, 19:40

click on play and then on live chess ...

Dec 13, 2018, 19:41

And i accept where?

Dec 13, 2018, 19:45

game aborted?

Dec 13, 2018, 19:46

you declined my challenge ... ?

Dec 13, 2018, 19:47

are you playing against someone  ... getting some practice in ... ? shall i come back later ... ?

Dec 13, 2018, 19:50

wait im playing agsint someone and i thought i was you, but it isnt...haha

Dec 13, 2018, 19:51

lol no, i thought it was you, i'll quit

Dec 13, 2018, 19:52

ok, do another challenge

Dec 13, 2018, 19:58

haha CC i'm watching your game. That guy is getting dicked for time!

Seems you got the hang of it.

Dec 13, 2018, 19:59

Nice win

Dec 13, 2018, 20:07

It's a bit confusing because when you first hit play it starts a game against some random. Always just ignore that game which will time out in about 15 seconds, then click "play a friend" and challenge whoever you want to play. 

I'm busy challenging Plum but am told he's busy playing a game.

Dec 13, 2018, 20:14

How hairy is this time business!!!

Dec 13, 2018, 20:15

well played Plum ... rematch?

Dec 13, 2018, 20:15

Told you it was intense.

Do you see a challenge from Epicurus62? That's me.

Dec 13, 2018, 20:17

How do you watch someone else's game?

Dec 13, 2018, 20:18

Rooi, i watched CC's previous game by going to the bottom right of the screen and clicking where it says chat.

Dec 13, 2018, 20:19

I may have failed to mention that i had a pretty boring job in my twenties...and all i did at work all day was play chess :)

Dec 13, 2018, 20:42


Good game Plum. You're a strong player.

Dec 13, 2018, 20:43

Indeed, you did fail to mention it. What was your best rating?

Dec 13, 2018, 20:43

GG Rooi!

Man you need hair on your teeth for this.

Actually got a headache. It's too fast man.

Everything is out of control in this mode. No?

Dec 13, 2018, 20:45

R x N was my blunder. Should have just retreated the bishop but I seriously underestimated you. It's only when you started defending everything correctly that I realized I was playing a stronger player. I won't attack so vigorously next time!

Dec 13, 2018, 20:47

Want to play the rematch now or tomorrow evening?

Dec 13, 2018, 20:50

I have to jump off now. Been on since 6pm. Can we do our next games on the weekend?

And then maybe also slightly longer games after we get these t20s out the way?

Dec 13, 2018, 21:21

No probs.

You never answered me about your rating?

Dec 14, 2018, 10:04

You sneaky shit ...

Good to have strong players like you on here ... I want my revenge ... so let's get it on ... bozo!!

No doubt Denny's been watching ... probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that he never faced you ... the self proclaimed chess genius finds himself up against it ... best to duck for cover again, huh ...lol!!

Any way look forward to many matches against you guys ...

ps ... still finding myself ahead against most blits opponents ... only to lose on time ... frustrating ...

Dec 14, 2018, 12:01

Ja, i dunno what's up with Denny.

Honestly i'm a bit dissapointed as we've always had a good relationship and never so much as a hint of bad blood despite disagreeing quite a few times.

Rooi, my highest rating was in the 900s. Played very little online and only against people on very rare occasions. Used to buy electronic chess games and play them at work since there was not much else to do.

Anyway, those timed games are god aweful. Maybe to soon to judge but fuck me my heart was actually racing. I calculated that an average 50 move game would give me 12 seconds per move in a 10 minute match. It would give me a 20% margin since the real average is about 40 moves. That will remain my strategy going forward if we persist with these second crunching bouts haha. IE take it to 60 moves and i'm gonna lose :/

Still it's not normal to feel ones heart racing during a chess match. It's the bloody opposite of normal.

I'm up for round two on the weekend if you guys are available?

Dec 14, 2018, 12:28

Plum, I'd play you but not in the short format of the game. The longer normal format rules are very good in that you only have to make 1 move within 3 days. One other thing, you will have to register on Redhotpawn.com

Let me know once you've registered and then we can mutually agree on the amount of games to be played.

Dec 14, 2018, 14:09

Huh? Why Red Hot Pawn, Dense? Weren't you the one carrying on and on about how Chess.com was so much better than RHP?

Dec 15, 2018, 11:50

Have to say these chess geeks are a laugh a minute!

Congrats to Plum on showing the oaks how to play the game as i thought he would..

Wee cc has been cut down to size it seems - about two feet!.

Dense wants to play a game where you have three days for a move! "The longer normal format rules are very good in that you only have to make 1 move within 3 days" . Upgrade your computer to a faster machine and get better chess software dense. Hahhahaahahhahahahaha

Ou rooitwit making a lot of noise but folding against real opposition from Plum. His wins over poor cc cant count for much one would think.

Anyhow far be it for me to discourage the chess geeks. Keep up the good work oaks!:D

Dec 15, 2018, 16:26

Chess geeks LOL...I liked the game back in the day and I still love the idea of it all, but due to my ADHD I suck at it. Glad you guys are enjoying it...give the old toppies hell Plum!

Dec 15, 2018, 18:02

Plum, I'm about to watch the second half of Tottenham vs Burnley but after that I'm available this evening or tomorrow for our rematch.

Dec 15, 2018, 18:14

Hi Rooi

Is tomorrow afternoon alright?

Meant to be on today but got roped into family activities. 

Also, can we make it 30 mins a game? Or would that be unfair since you and CC played two 10mins against each other?

Dec 15, 2018, 19:23

Plum, tomorrow afternoon is good for me.

No, we've played 5 out of 6 games in this mini-tournament with 10 minute time control. Let's finish it in the same format and if you want a 30 minute game afterwards then I'll try but I also have a few family commitments so I can't promise.

Let's tentatively say 14h00 tomorrow and let me know if you can't make that otherwise I'll see you then on chess.com.


PS Well done Spurs! 92nd minute winner!

Dec 16, 2018, 00:54

Well done Plum.....commiserations to losers who talked a good game, reminded me of a fella called Demo Salerno.....waaaaaaahahaha!

Dec 16, 2018, 07:24

How boring is Turncoat? It's not like I asked him for his life story. Sounds like his  greatest and only claim to fame is beating a character called Demo.....anyone heard of him?


Dec 16, 2018, 09:06

Hey, hands-off CC, he plays Fortnite with his grandkid....that is a massive achievement...I think his odd rude remark can be forgiven...and he doesn't seem to be cheering against the Boks too much anymore. He might be saved yet!:D

Dec 16, 2018, 09:49

Rooi I should be on around 3pm. And then will be available into the evening.

You guys should actually play against them before you comment. Both are bloody good players. 

Rooi lost because he over extended slightly and CC will likely beat me if we increase the game time a bit. The skill gap is minimal if anything.

Denny, actually gonna put my foot down and say no. You wanted chess, we organised it and now we have to split the group for some reason that hasn't been declared. 

Cumon guy, be reasonable. Join us on chess.com and lets do some games. 

Dec 16, 2018, 15:16

Rooi, i'm on...you around or what?

Dec 16, 2018, 15:17

I'm there . . .

Dec 16, 2018, 15:34

Plum wins the tournament without dropping a single point.

Well done Plum!

Dec 16, 2018, 15:35

GG Rooi

Not as hectic as the first game.

You fell for a couple of cheap shots there :)

Dec 16, 2018, 15:37

Rb1 was stupid. As I moved it I knew it should have been Rd1.

I will have to wait for my revenge.

Dec 16, 2018, 15:40

In both our games you were stacked on one side of the board and it cost you.

We can do longer games if you like. I think you are at a disadvantage in the shorter version. Just saying.

Also, i still need to play CC again.

Him and i only had one game.

Mar 20, 2020, 16:02

"R x N was my blunder. Should have just retreated the bishop but I seriously underestimated you. It's only when you started defending everything correctly that I realized I was playing a stronger player. I won't attack so vigorously next time!"

It seems that you haven't learned from your mistakes yet? 

When do you guys play again, I mean, Plum should be easy to beat now that you know what a stupid chump he is...not?

Mar 20, 2020, 16:04

It's kinda unexpected off season again.

Mar 20, 2020, 16:30

Careful Draad

Piss Mint is always bragging about his prowess at chess..... I mean.... it is where he created his online moniker of "Urinal Mint" to begin with...… LMFAO

So far nobody has come close to taking the crown from Plum..... and from what I saw last time, it stays that way for a long time

Mar 20, 2020, 17:03

He upgraded to "Epicurus62" ...very sophisticated.

Mar 20, 2020, 17:19

"He upgraded to "Epicurus62" ...very sophisticated"

Could be... or Urinal Mint is what he used on the redhotpawn, and the new name is for chess.com

Either way, who the hell calls himself Urinal Mint..... I mean seriously..... you must fucking hate yourself

Mar 20, 2020, 19:29

S-o-c-i-o-paths are made, not born...actually very sad.

Mar 20, 2020, 21:47

It's a fetish. Erotic humiliation is consensual psychological humiliation performed in order to produce erotic excitement or sexual arousal. This can be for either the person(s) being humiliated and demeaned or the person(s) humiliating, or both. It is sometimes performed before spectators, including pornography and webcam viewers. It may be part of BDSM and other sexual roleplay, or accompanied by the sexual stimulation of the genitals (or other erotic region) of one or both parties in the activity.

So I do feel sorry for Mozart, because him putting Dame Omelet in her place is a Sexualität gratifying act. So, it's actually degrading for him to be the object of Dame Omelet's pleasure. 

Mar 21, 2020, 11:50

Wow Card, I wish I didn't have that much knowledge...how does one un-know something...purposely forget  something?

Jun 11, 2020, 12:43

Dec 16, 2018, 15:34

Plum wins the tournament without dropping a single point.

Well done Plum!

Jun 11, 2020, 14:23

Seriously Plumchum, all jokes aside, if I take that Gran Tursimo anecdote I put up and think of it as a Comprehension test for a school child, and  then look at your understanding of it and the conclusions you reached, I'd put you IQ at less than 80.

Intelligence -- and not just relentless practice -- plays a significant role in determining chess skill, indicates a comprehensive new study led by Michigan State University researchers.

The research provides some of the most conclusive evidence to date that cognitive ability is linked to skilled performance


What a plonker!! ...

Jun 11, 2020, 14:43


Jun 11, 2020, 14:44

Thanks Admit One

That was a classic......

Jun 11, 2020, 14:45

What is it with very stupid people that they always have to boast about how smart they are instead of just proving it? We see the same thing with Moffie on these boards. Why not let your actions and your deeds speak for themselves instead of always telling people how wonderful you are . . . especially when your actions and your words prove the opposite and show you up to be a fool?

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