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Nov 06, 2023, 09:49

As one recovers from the ptsd the Boks gave us in the knockout stages of that competition, occasionally you now wake up in the morning and remember "Hell yeah, we're World Champs!!!"

Doesn't matter if the bounce of the ball perhaps helped or if Barnes was simply terrified by Etsebeth, we did it.

Look if somebody else had won it in a similar fashion then we'd still be sad that we didn't win it. If the one point margins don't console you, then simply think about how off pissing it must have been for the English, French and Kiwis. That'll surely tide you over hahaha

All that matters is that The Cup is in SA for 4 more years.

Have a lekker Monday all my Ruckers pals.

Nov 06, 2023, 11:06

Smiling from ear to ear Plum. :D

Nov 06, 2023, 11:20

I’m still pinching myself that the boys did it

What a team and what coaches

Being away from home I feel the need to get stickers and banners to stick on my vehicles to rejoice in our victory

Nov 06, 2023, 11:45

Let's not rub it in guys. The likes of Doos and Moffie are still feeling very dispirited.



Nov 06, 2023, 12:03

I have had the same thought  rooitwit but then comes the next anti Rassie Bok post.

Nov 06, 2023, 12:58

Poor old Peeper, still trying to be popular. He couldn’t be scathing enough about Erasmus, but now I bet he has a picture of Rassie in his tiny cubicle at work. What a fake.

I can’t say I derive any joy from the final. I could never rate a win over 14 men. Our win over France had real merit given we could easily have lost against a very good French team. I’ll remember that and it’s the one game I might rewatch down the road.

But here’s the thing,  Willemse, Kolbe, Arendse and Moodie are four of the most lethal backs in the game. Hopefully now that Rassie has fired Nienaber two things will happen. Firstly our defense won’t implode and secondly we will find a real back line coach who can harness all this talent.

That’s all.

Nov 06, 2023, 13:24


Nov 06, 2023, 13:50

Oct 26, 2023, 08:16

"& we picked 4 number 9s"

There's some irony there. Like I said earlier, if we win this RWC it'll be despite Rassie, not because of him.

The initial selection of 4 scrumhalves, the decision to exclude Pollard from the original squad, the selection of Am to replace Mapimpi when we didn't use him even once, the 7-1 split for the final, the kick-and-hope game plan . . . all stupid shortsighted decisions made by an egotistical fool trying to prove he's some kind of genius.

Nov 06, 2023, 15:23

Agreed, Moz.

Each one is a superstar in his own right.

All we need is for Andre The Giant to be a regular now.

Honestly, after DDA's WC performances, who wouldn't pick Andre ahead of him?

And then there is a Williams. Faf is still my guy because he contributes meaningfully so regularly. But once Faf is done, we have Williams there. A totally different player to Faf but also a potential superstar in his own right.

We have zero issue with talent from 9 to 15. All we have there are luxury problems really.

Nov 06, 2023, 15:42

Moffie, my response to every quote you put up of me criticisng Rassie is the same . . . .I admitted I was wrong about Rassie and my post to that effect is there for all to see,

Shame, I'm honestly sorry the RWC win for the Bokke is so devastaing for you. I'd like to say I feel your pain but I don't. I feel the opposite, I feel elated and euphoric and I can't wipe this permanent grin from off my face. That's also why I pack up laughing every time I see one of your pathetic posts whining about the naughty ref, the red card, the handicap or how useless PSdT was in the final. It's not personal, it;s just . . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

There I go again, not respecting your hurt feelings . . . aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

Sorry . . . . pfffffffffffffhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Nov 06, 2023, 15:55

Not devastating at all….I had the Boks to win by 10points. In fact I had them to win every game. The difference between you and me is I’m honest. I accept it was almost impossible for NZ to win once they got the red card….any  honest rugby fan would admit that had a massive influence.

I also hold the Boks to higher standards than simply tackling our way to victory. Because like it or not, outside the confines of the parochial circles you know, fans still hold up the ABs as the gold standard. We have a legitimate opportunity to finally assume that crown if we are brave it enough to play real rugby.

And you’ll find the pffffing will stop if you can only lay off the drugs.

Nov 06, 2023, 15:57

OK we can easily return to earth with knowledge of winning the tri nations/rugby championship only 4 X(same as Australia)

Remember the 2009,2019 ones. Saw a photo on a wall of us winning the 2004 today. (@Ellis Park)

4 World Cups, 4 Tri/Championship Cups 

Nov 06, 2023, 16:19

The RC doesn’t suit defense as much….teams are willing to take more risks. 

Nov 06, 2023, 16:21

Plum I believe we have never exploited our back line potential..

Back in  the Paulse days I posted on the site we all used, that we were missing a trick with the fast small guys. Largely I think because the big Aussie back lines with players like Mortlock crushed a few of our smaller back lines. 

The small guys have learned how to compensate. Paulse ran a line between the passer and Lomu which denied him the ball. But players like Kolbe and Arendse bring the big guys down with perfect technique. 

Aplon did as well but wasn’t recognized…he was a brilliant open field tackler. We totally missed that guy.

These smaller wings seem to all have lightening reflexes and are super fast over the first 40 meters. They are a  tremendous resource. Compare Arendse’s corner flagging tackle with Dud Allende’s ineffective shepherding of Mo’unga!

Nov 06, 2023, 16:42

"Not devastating at all. . . ."

But dispiriting, yes?


Suck it all up you sad, pathetic and self-important old toad!


Nov 06, 2023, 16:56

Yep always unfortunate when your team confirms a negative stereotype. But for fakes like you it really doesn’t matter, you pretend what you claimed was important, doesn’t matter as long as you win. 

Stop sniffing it up, you’re way too old……it really doesn’t change your sad reality, just makes it worse when the drugs fade.

Nov 06, 2023, 17:12

If anyone wants to understand the term extinction burst...look bit further than old Rooi's behaviour.

Moz, I would not put DDA and Arendse in the same sentence. Geez.

It's probably racist in some level but these small coloured guys have something nobody else has. Somewhere between reflexes, guts and a guilt level of calm that can't be taught. They're just built different are indeed a resource that is wasted at one's own peril.

Lol also, remember not to wish for more from the Boks. That's ever so unpatriotic.

We should all agree that everything is fantastic or soon the Geatapo will come a'knockin.

Nov 06, 2023, 17:29

"If anyone wants to understand the term extinction burst.pathetic brown-tongued arselicking disgusting fawning suck-up ...look bit no further than old Rooi's Buttlug's  behaviour."


Buttplug, if you really want to shove your dirty little snout even further up Moffie's smelly and wrinkly arse, (assuming that's even possible) you'll need to start squealing about how the All Blacks were robbed, how we didn't win on handicap and how useless PSdT was in the tournament.

Just some friendly advice. Use it, don't use it . . .

Nov 06, 2023, 17:37

Oh dear, Peeper’s thoughts turn to the nether regions again. Why I wonder has this man got such an incredible obsession with the male butt. Could it be the simplest explanation is the truth?

Nov 06, 2023, 17:41


Deflect, dodge, duck, dive . . . all from the Moffie playbook . . . and all because he has copious amounts of egg dribbling down his stupid face!

There there, Buttplug will kiss it all better.


Nov 06, 2023, 17:54

Actually you are the person who went off topic, back to your favorite topic. The extent to which you are losing this spat is easily measured in the number of your wahaha’s. Now you desperately add a LMAO at the end. Oops there’s that male butt  again.

Nov 06, 2023, 18:05

Wehe . . . you think I'm not really laughing out loud every time I read your pathetic excuses as you try to pretend you didn't make a gigantic dick of yourself - made even funnier by you trying to pretend you don't have egg all over your stupid face?


Keep it up, Moffie. We didn't really win and PSdT didn't have a blinder . . . right?


Nov 06, 2023, 18:12

Don’t lie in desperation Peeper. I admitted Dud had one of his best games and was  a strong MOM candidate. Here are my comments:

Defending he made 12 more tackles than Mostert, while missing 3. Mostert was tackling at the same rate per minute. But Dud Toit made  the heavier tackles. Overall he was one of our better players on the day. But I could count at least 5 times he was in a perfect position to turn the ball over and was simply tipped off the ball. 

As I said,  he was one of our best players yesterday….quite clearly. I actually thought he was going to get the MOM. That said he was poor against France and average against England. Peeper wanted me to ignore that and join the chorus….and then he had a hiss fit, when I didn’t.

The difference between rational think and emotional think.

Nov 06, 2023, 18:13

You really should apologize for being a liar Wallie.

Nov 06, 2023, 18:20

Yes Wallie, apologize to Moffie!


Nobody ever got anything as wrong as you and Doos got this RWC and the legendary Pieter-Steph du Toit . . . not even ou Maaik on tennis!

Enjoy that avalanche of egg you pompous twat!

Nov 06, 2023, 21:10

Actually I got nothing wrong…I had the Boks over France by 1, spot on….I never predicted the English game, except to suggest it would be close and I predicted the Boks over NZ by 10, which is exactly what it should have been if they took advantage of the red card. Prescient.

As for the Duds. Dud Allende had 3 poor games including a horrible final. Dud Toit was poor against France and England, but came good in the final. That’s 5 out of 6.

So all told 8 out 9 calls right.  All you did was tell us if we win it would be in spite of Erasmus, not because of him.. And then you turned around and called him a genius. Guess who is covered in mounds of egg.

Nov 06, 2023, 21:18

Hmmmm . . . what happened to "the Springboks can't win a RWC with DDA and Kriel as the centres"?

Huh chump?

Nov 06, 2023, 22:17

Well that wasn’t me, I never, ever use the term DDA which you have put in quotes. Dud is my preferred usage….schplottttttttt!

Nov 07, 2023, 07:20

Hey, Rooi...

Do you notice how 90% of all your contributions here are when you are partaking in mudslinging?

Doesn't it get boring?

Don't you get the sense that maybe you've got some issues?

When you all you get in here for is that then one has to wonder if you actually have anything of interest to add.

It had been years now, and so all one can honestly conclude is that you're simply dull.

I made a post for you in the Trumpet thread. Go check it out, if you can stop fighting for two minutes.

Nov 07, 2023, 08:14

Buttplug, basically what we have here is Moffie bursting into tears every time someone mentions us winning the RWC; droning on about all the same players he's historically hated; giving Rassie zero credit for winning a 2nd RWC; telling us we're not allowed to celebrate winning the RWC because we didn't win on some stupid handicap he made up; still snivelling about the red card and claiming he predicted everything correctly when in fact he got enormous amounts of egg all over his fat face . . . and you - instead of telling him to shut his stupid trap and grow up (something even his Servile Gimps are telling him) - no, you continue to suck up to him and tell him how wonderfully clever he is.

Well, if you're in that camp that is still all tearful because we defied the odds and won, then take the crap that comes with it.

As for the vases, I guess this means there must have been an advanced civilization before we homo sapiens came along, right?

Nov 07, 2023, 08:36

If it isn't clear, Moz is disappointed that there was a red card in the game.

He feels that diminished the win.

And it did.

The saving grace for me is that our only hooked was injured very early and I think having zero line out balanced the game out nice in light of the red card.

But honestly, you would hardly ever speak up when you agree with the man. And if you can't do that then why speak up when you don't agree?

Anyway, did you watch the vase video I posted?

I wouldn't say it was another race since most of the granite statues, done to the same level of precision, depict humans.

So I rate humans got to a high level of advancement and then, as myths from all over the world agree, there was a major cataclysm and it knocked us back to the Stone Age. Which is nuts. The idea there were advanced humans here years ago and we know almost nothing shut them? I mean...mind blowing and puts our tiny lives right into perspective.

Nov 07, 2023, 14:24

South Africans have many fine qualities and a few limitations. One of them is the need to conform. To agree. To be part of the tribe. That’s what enabled apartheid, the lack of confidence to disagree.

A big part of this syndrome is the ‘slim man’ phenomenon. The leader whose views don’t quite make sense, but is operating at a different level.

Erasmus is a classic case. He is invested with all kinds of wisdom. But in truth, just listening to the oke, he isn’t very bright. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a competent rugby coach. But seriously that’s not knee surgery…let alone heart surgery.

An honest appraisal to me says he had competent coaches on defense and set pieces and a good sense of game tactics. But those came down to territory, defense, kicking, set pieces and the maul.

It’s effective but incredibly boring rugby, only enhanced by the occasional turnover ball attack by our fast wings.

And it’s always an arm wrestle. A winning plan would have had us beating our knockout opponents by at least 7 points each. Beating them by one point each is a lucky plan….having our opponent playing with 14 men in the final is a lucky plan.

We could be so much better….so much more box office. The Bok image needn’t be cluttered with the bad sport tag we now enjoy, the financial rewards could be so much greater.

One really wonders where we would have been with a coach brave enough to use the back line.Maybe we wouldn’t have won the WC, but our game would be more admired and it would be fun, not just tense..

South Africa is the country that lost Elon Musk, the man that has changed the world in many ways. It’s a good thing for the world, but think of what he could have done for the country if he stayed. People would have electricity for one thing.

Things can be better.

Nov 07, 2023, 15:58

NONSENSE!!! You are belittling the achievement because of your dislike for the man...and there's probably some mynhoop trauma from your childhood woven into the reason for your aversion...go get help, this vendetta is insane.

Nov 07, 2023, 15:58

NONSENSE!!! You are belittling the achievement because of your dislike for the man...and there's probably some mynhoop trauma from your childhood woven into the reason for your aversion...go get help, this vendetta is insane.

Nov 07, 2023, 17:54

Not really…I enjoyed my time in Springs. I was selected for Eastern Transvaal U 12 schools but fell out of a tree hurting my back and had to withdraw. We ran down mine dumps, raced pigeons, played cricket….a much  harsher environment than the Cape, but when you are a kid who cares.

I’m simply not drinking the kool aid. And it’s not a vendetta. It’s a different point of view that actually seems to bother you. The need for conformity is overwhelming. Thanks for making my point.

But I’m always open minded. Explain to me what Sauron did, lights excepted, that struck you as so different and successful. Honestly, given we have the man for four more years any help would be appreciated.

Nov 07, 2023, 19:48

One would swear all the other sides played this wonderfully attacking rugby - that the likes of Tuilagi, Marchant, Danty, Fikou, Jordie, Ione, Ringrose, Hew Jones etc all stood out for all their brilliant breaks or try assists - I could say the same about all the other wings and fullbacks playing in the WC

Moz you are seriously delusional - if you are going to point fingers at our Boks kindly enlighten me as to why none of the above names made much of an impression?

As for Rassie let’s just take the final for instance - it’s the fact that we deprived the AB’s of line outs - their primary source of scoring tries, the roll over by the second player to slow down Smith, depriving the AB’s of quick ball.

It’s these clever variations that Rassie is always coming up with, it’s what sets us apart - Rassie’s attention to detail and astute rugby brain gives us the edge

His record is second to none and for you to try devalue his rugby intellect is baseless and smacks of sour grapes

I’m guessing you still think Jake is the better coach?????

Nov 07, 2023, 22:21

Dave we could debate all those points…..what’s not debatable is we kick a much higher percentage of our ball. Twice as much as France. But hey, if the rugby we played at the WC totally rocks your boat, there is no point in debating.

Nov 07, 2023, 22:50

No we do not kick the ball twice as much as other sides that’s rubbish

Damn right the rugby we played rocked my boat - we won playing against sides who certainly did not play entertaining rugby

We play as much attacking rugby as any other side out there - we did that on the EOYT and RC as we did in the warm up game against NZ and the minnows in the WC

Against the top sides we played knock out rugby

We were bloody fantastic

So proud of our boys and coaches

Nov 08, 2023, 01:19

No your claim we don’t is rubbish. Here are the facts again:

France 154 runs/24 kicks

Boks 80 runs/ 27kicks.

It looks like France only kicked slightly less than us….but that ignores how much they had the ball. When you calculate kicking as a % of possession they kicked 13.4% of the time.

The Boks kicked 25.2% of the time. Nearly twice as much


Your raw data was meaningless.

Nov 08, 2023, 04:18

"And it’s not a vendetta. It’s a different point of view that actually seems to bother you. The need for conformity is overwhelming."

Nonsense, there's a few things I dislike about Errasmus, and his playing style,  but Ii refuse to drag the Bokke down or diminish their achievements because of it...we did enough to win two RWC's in a row...that's the facts. We went to the top after beating France and we stayed there...a RWC is a marathon and we hanged on to the end...I enjoyed that...

Nov 08, 2023, 06:14

The ABs can get to a final in a bad cycle for them, while not being afraid to use their backs.

They simply balance the use of their backs and forwards nicely, mixing grind with flash.

Now, who else does that? Oh yes, both the French and the Irish.

What you are ALL missing in the point Moz is making, is the following...

The Boks have better forwards, than all those side and better backs than most(maybe all) of them.

Meaning the Boks have, man for man, the best squad in Rugby.

The Irish beat us with a side that is man for man not nearly as good as SA. We scraped past France to hang in there and the ABs almost did us in with 14.

Now if you do believe, like I do, that we have the best squad, and you look at those margins...you can't also believe that we are getting the most out of that squad. The disparity between squad depth, and talent, versus dominance, points to a problem. Doesn't it?

Now, is that unpatriotic or pessimistic viewpoint?

Why is everybody so butthurt by what seems so obvious?

Nov 08, 2023, 07:08

Plum...did we actually lose on handicap because of the red, or is Bill in our trophy cabinet here in the good old Republic...?

...and don't forget the record win in the warm-ups...where the Allblacks, but knockout rugby is a different kettle...

Nov 08, 2023, 07:31

"But . . . but . . . it was all so dispiriting! How dare South Africans celebrate? Sniff . . . and the ref was so naughty . . . and . . . sob . . . we just kicked . . . and then the red card . . . boohoohoo . . . why are you all cheering and celebrating? Why??? It's so unfair . . . sniff . . ."


Nov 08, 2023, 09:02

I'm not sure what the logical fallacy relating to sports jargon is but I think it applies here to some degree.

Talk me through the AB back to back WC wins.

Then tell me how different a kettle of fish knockout rugby is.

Sometimes we say things enough times that we believe it without question.

Winning rugby is winning rugby...doesn't matter when or where.

Nov 08, 2023, 13:20

There was a moment in the English semi  at minute 76 where they were leading by 15 points to 13. Steward fielded a kick on about his 10 meter line, with time to kick. It was the ideal moment for a 50/22 or at least a long kick into the Boks 22.

If he did that the chances were the game was over. But instead he went for a high kick which landed near the halfway line. A few phases later we got the match winning penalty.

That’s how close we came to losing to a team that couldn’t hurt us in the backs, won 3 out of 7 of their scrums and 70% of their line outs.

Being in that position where the game against a poor Pom team was effectively out of our hands with 4 minutes left to play was a coaching debacle.

To quote Peeper, we won the WC in spite of Erasmus, not because of him

Nov 08, 2023, 16:30


Naughty bad Springboks! How dare you all cheer and celebrate!!!

Nov 08, 2023, 18:40

Wow Moz your straw clutching is reaching an all time low

Maybe the utterly useless Rassie shone a light in Freddie’s eyes hence the kick?

Nov 08, 2023, 18:58

I wouldn’t put it past him….

Nov 08, 2023, 19:58

‘An all time low’….you mean I’m doing less straw clutching.? Dave I’m merely being factual….we were very lucky, not unworthy. Unworthy is what you and Peeper directed at Jake White when you were on the other side of the argument. How soon they forget.

Nov 08, 2023, 20:15

Nope under Jake we were worthy as we had great players and Eddie to save Jake

I loved our side but have no time for Jake - have never rated him, just look what he is not doing with his current Bulls side

England got dominated in the second half there was only one winner in that game

Games are not won in the first half

Nov 08, 2023, 21:27

Dave you denigrated our 2007 WC win time and again…..the softest schedule according to you. But truth to tell the current Pom team and a 14 man version of the poorest AB team in living memory  is pretty weak as well. 

You have no time for Jake but you rate Eddie and give him the credit?

Nov 08, 2023, 22:21

It was definitely the easiest route ever that’s a fact

I had issues with Jake not our side. The current AB side is not the poorest by any stretch it’s a shit hot side

Difference is, the AB’s no longer dominate like they used and will never do again. The gap has closed to the point where there is little to choose between the top 6.

14 man AB side vs a 14 man Bok side at times without a specialist hooker for 78min, negating any potential set piece dominance - an AB try that should not have been and a brain fart by Kolisi not to hand us an easy try

Our route to the final this time was by far the most difficult ever and that’s a fact

2023 was far harder than 2019 which was harder than Jake’s route which has to go down as the easiest ever - we only had to play England

I rated Eddie in those days - now he is an egotistical idiot

Nov 09, 2023, 00:28

That’s why most teams with a sane coach have a substitute hooker on the bench. Almost no professional team would be without a second hooker, scrum half or kicker. We played the WC final without those key positions covered. But it’s genius.

If you want to worship something, worship Pollard’s goal kicking. Thirteen kicks at goal, he misses one of them and the WC win never happens.

Nov 09, 2023, 04:19

...as is verbrande hout.

Nov 09, 2023, 04:22

We won it by the skin of our teeth, but there's no mention of that next to our name on the trophy...

Nov 09, 2023, 07:25

"Nose," Draad...that's the word you are looking for above.

Always the same with you engineers. You crush so many beers on your foreheads at varsity that it ends u o affecting you in later life...

Net n' grappie bra ;)

Nov 09, 2023, 08:55

Yes it genius as it’s different and it worked - we won the WC with Rassie’s crazy selections

Therein lies his genius along with all those clever tactical adjustments he always seems to find against different teams

Nov 09, 2023, 09:45

The thing is .... it is extremely possible that if Rassie or Jacques had made all these other necessary back up plans with hookers, scrumhalfs etc etc .... or made different or alternative selections that are constantly mentioned on here.... we may not have won this world cup ....

Hindsight is fantastic to have ....but impossible to implement

Rassie and Jacques won this world cup with the selections that they themselves made.... nobody else .......so whether those selections were reckless, stupid or downright ignorant .... the selections worked ... the cup is home

Nov 09, 2023, 13:42

Exactly DA there always seems to be a method to Rassie’s madness

To us 4 scrumhalves in the squad was madness as was the 7/1 and no specialist hooker on the bench but who has had the last laugh

Rassie is always a step ahead

Some of it implemented on the field the other in the psyche of the opposition - like the 7/1 against the AB

It worked emphatically in the warm up and then made its reappearance in the final against the same foe - it’s head spinning stuff for the opposition

Nov 09, 2023, 18:24

"...Net n' grappie bra ;)"

..all good...the skin of the teeth thing is a Biblical reference....especially for Snark and Rude...:D

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