France have New Zealand Team under the pump

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Nov 20, 2021, 22:51

France leading 24-6,  half time score

Nov 20, 2021, 22:53

Frenchies playing very well.

Nov 20, 2021, 23:04

France are bullying the All Black pack. 

Nov 20, 2021, 23:07

Not only the pack...

Nov 20, 2021, 23:15

my feed just conked in...what's going on?

Nov 20, 2021, 23:37


Nov 21, 2021, 05:45

France too good in the end. ABs fought back from 24-6 down at half time to 27-25 and were in the ascendency but Mounga and Jordie failed to pin a player behind the French try line. End result was they ended up well into ABs’ half. ABs regained ball but Havili threw an intercept pass and it was good night nurse! Congratulations to France on a terrific game!

Nov 21, 2021, 06:11

Sporting post moolaa. I also thought Whitelock’s interview at the end of the game was pitch perfect.

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