Filler players were filler players, nothing more

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Nov 21, 2021, 14:28

Just another example of the warped and delusional mindset that expects anyone associating with SA rugby and its subworld.

Two players were called whose names are not remembered. They happened to be quota players. As expected, these calls were explained as a part of a quota policy.

On the other hand, another explanation was provided: these players were called to ensure quality training sessions to make the number, they were fillers.

And what happened, just as expected, no cap, no play time. Anyone understands that a cap is necessary for a player to be part of a quota policy.

Yet SA rugby kept to their things, the quota policy when in fact it shows that when calling players to fill training gaps, SA rugby turned to quota players. Countless of white players to fill the shoes but quota players were called.

Maybe they were not paid, maybe they are amenable enough to serve their country with no counterpart.

In any case, no quota policy in here, just white players who considered themselves too good to be exploited and prefer quota players to do the dirty, unrewarding work.

Nov 21, 2021, 15:32

bka bla bla, waffle waffle...d!ckhead.

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