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Apr 02, 2024, 09:14

For the Sharks again this weekend - the man is back to his best and definitely needs to be back in the Bok mix

If we are ever going to try Willemse at 12 for the Boks then Fassi is our answer at 15

Apr 02, 2024, 09:26


Willemse has to stay at 15...we need size at 12 because of all the brilliant midgets. You can't get around it, there is no compromise at 12. If Arendse and Kolbe didn't both basically pick themselves, and we perhaps had a Tambwe or Mapimpi there, then I can see Willemse at 12. 

But not as it stands.

Lets also rememebr that Willemse is the complete opposite of DDA. He has brains, makes good decisions, steps, creates, offloads, counter attacks, tracks, supports...

So Willemse at 12 would consitute a complete departure from what the Boks have been doing for 6 years. I'm not arguing for it having been the best approach, simply stating that I'm not sure the Boks have the appetite for such a drastic change. 

Leave Willemse at 15...he's a beast there.

Apr 02, 2024, 13:49

Wrong Willemse is equally a beast at 12 and we are looking for a change of personnel across the board given our 12 incumbents are in their 30’s and we don’t have a young de Allende or Esterhuizen waiting in the wings

Rassie is on record saying we have to change the way we play in order to challenge for the next WC. This coupled with the selection of the attacking minded Brown as our attacks coach could see a shift in how we operate at 12.

If this is the case then making the most of the young talent we have at our disposal would see Willemse at 12, Moodie at 13 and Fassi at 15, with Arendse on the one wing and someone like Tambwe, Zas or Green on the other

We certainly would not be using Willemse to crash it up we would need him to try dance his way pace defender instead of into them. Whether this is realistic or not - who knows

Possibly the only way to play modern test rugby is having a crashball 12 but the All Blacks with Jordie at 12, are the one nation that don’t adhere to the rule so Willemse could be the second

He is far more creative than Jordie and certainly as physical

Willemse at 12 with Fassi at 15 is definitely worth considering

Apr 02, 2024, 17:30

Well, if Willemse is moved to 12 then it's bye bye DDA.

So I can't say that I dont support the move at all.

Apr 02, 2024, 17:56

Well in time the impressive de Allende will leave when it’s his time he won’t be at the next WC but thankfully he will be around for another year or two thank fuck

Apr 03, 2024, 08:12

I can see DDA being retained for the Irish series, and then I guess it's adios.

Apr 03, 2024, 10:09

Fassi had a great solo try, good left boot and can push drive the team into the corner. Which is great. Willemse is equally as good. 

But, who is the best in tight games. When weather is poor. Low margins for error. 

I'm not convinced Willemse is a 12 or a 10. Handy as a backup but to me he seems more suited to 15. If you compare who we have in these positions then he just doesn't come close. 

We have Dud still playing well and then we saw how effective Esterhozen has been and has a better passing game than Dud. We also have Jean Luc, the Stormers looks much better when he is at 12. 

Both Manie and Willemse played poor last weekend and it showed. 

Willemse and Manie still frustrates me. Both very talented, Willemse is more consistent. So I am happy for him to be the bok 15 now that Willie is on his pension earner years. 

Apr 03, 2024, 15:47

Willemse was certainly not poor at 12 this past weekend he was good - Manie was poor

Willemse is a class act both at 12 or 15 he is not a 10

It’s about getting the balance right

If we are looking to bring in younger players then it’s about working out how to best utilise the talent we have at our disposal

For me it’s a case of David Kriel or Fassi and right now Fassi tips it and if that is the case then it’s Fassi at 15 and Willemse at 12.

The only other current young option at 12 is David Kriel which would see Willemse at 15

But for me right now on current form it has to be Fassi - he is currently along with Arendse our best backs

Hooker looks a good prospect at 12 and bloody Rickus Pretorious needs to return to SA as he is a class player but getting no exposure in Japan

Apr 03, 2024, 16:33

Agree. If I was picking the Bok team to play for my life then I'd have Willemse at #12 and Fassi at #15.

Apr 04, 2024, 05:55

AE, Arendse, Kolbe, Moodie, Willemse, Pollard...

Those would be my starters

Apr 04, 2024, 06:24


Apr 04, 2024, 09:16

Willemse is a star player already - h e wa in teh 2019WC sqquad and again in the 2023 WC squad so if eh ekeeps fit he will be in the 2027 WC squad and the only player in the worl;d with that distinction - should the bOkas win in 2027.   

While playing in the 2021 Junior World Cup in England Willemse played at 12 and was thselec ted as athe player of the series.   Since then I have constantly written about him being the replacemnt alternative fpr De Allende at 12.    Every thinking person would relaize that De Allende was the number 1 cjhoice twelve since 2018 and sinc that year Esterhuizen was given opportunities to play - but eh never met requirements - so De Allende bcame the sttled in side center.   

I a;lways suggested that Willemse should be the repalcement when Erasmus and the coaching staff decide to replace De Allende - but none of us know when that would be.   When I did write aabout Willemse being the replacement of De Allende all I fgot in the past was derision by other members and I am delighted that some of our membes came around since then and came around to my  conclusion. on that one.  

Apr 04, 2024, 11:21


Thanks for the cvideo clip

I have never been a great believer in Mo'unga as a flyhalf and there was a reasonf or him replacing Barrett as flyhalf,   That guy Love seems to have pace and ability to be an outstanding flyahalf so I think he is a key one for future selction isofar as the AB's are cocerned concerned,        

Apr 04, 2024, 13:52

Okay Wanker if you ‘always’ suggested Willemse should be the replacement Bok 12…..reproduce one example. 

Apr 04, 2024, 14:30

Low borne scum -  go and find it ymourself.   I do not believe anything you write on site and that has been proven repeatedly aymway.      

Apr 04, 2024, 17:36

’Low borne (sic) scum’…hahaha….I guess you can’t find one example, because their isn’t one.

Apr 04, 2024, 18:02

My new backline of under 30 year olds would be:

15. Fassi 14. Nkosi 13. Moodie 12. Willemse 11. Arendse 10. Libbok 9. Williams

Pack under 30 would be:

1. Ox 2. Marx 3. Wilco Louw 4. Jason Jenkins 5. RG Snyman 6. Buthelezi 7. JL du Preez 8. Roos

Bench: 16. Andre- Hugo Venter 17. Gerhard Steenkamp 18. Thomas du Toit 19. Ruben v Heerden 20. Elrigh Louw 21. Nohamba 22. David Kriel 23. Gelant

Apr 05, 2024, 17:56

Nah, leave Nkosi at his dad's house with his phone switched off.

...where he belongs.

Apr 05, 2024, 19:01

Playing for the Cheetahs and is a class act. If he gets his shit together he deserves to make a Bok comeback

Apr 05, 2024, 19:21

Nah, I wouldn't want anyone with a hint of a kak attitude near my team.

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