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Nov 08, 2019, 14:30

Etzebeth stands 2.03m (6-foot-7), while the schoolboy measures 2.09m (6-foot-9) in height, and also plays lock

RG Snyman at 2.07m is currently the tallest player in the Springbok squad, while in recent times, Andries Bekker, at 2.08m, has looked down on all his team-mates, bar none


Nov 08, 2019, 14:52


where did you get those measurements from?

the child looks more than 6cm taller than eben.

Nov 08, 2019, 14:52

What is he like an an athlete?

Nov 08, 2019, 15:00

He plays lock Beeno, as SB mentioned.

Probably camera perspective, Chippo, the lad is standing much closer to the camera than Eben.

Nov 08, 2019, 16:04

And he has a short neck, so at the shoulders, where the arm pivots you can  add another 4 cms.

Nov 08, 2019, 16:19

He looks like he weighs more than Eben. However, Eben looks fitter. 

This junior player could turn into a bit of a porker once he stops growing, but if not - he would be some force to be reckoned with 

Nov 08, 2019, 19:22

Mobility has become more important since the ELVs. Hence why the 1950s model, based on Lood, doesn't work anymore. I'm sure we'll see this kid again at some point, we'll see what he is then. 

Nov 08, 2019, 22:37

Eztebeth looks like his mini-me.

Nov 09, 2019, 12:36


Who does that schoolboy play for at present SB?   Seems to be at Helpmekaar School in Gauteng.  

Looks like he is of exceptional size - and Erasmus will take him in hand as soon of he can and would ensure that he develops properly and become massively strong and fit.   Have not seen that one in the school teams yet and he did not play for SA schools thus far - I believe.   Name please and I will check a bit further.   

By the way Etzebeth ended up weighing 140 kgs in school - but was taken to gym and lost the lard.      

Nov 09, 2019, 12:56

Ignore AO - he does no know what he is talking about as per normal.  

Nov 09, 2019, 13:28

Organhuffer is becoming more unhinged as time passes. 

Rassie is no good, Do Toit no good, Allende no good etc etc. One world have thought the RWC would have given him pause to reassess. 

Organhuffer comments regarding Lood are also absurd. 

Pakster was about as foolush as well but one detects some movement. 

Dr Moz has been conducting as masterful retreat. 


Nov 09, 2019, 13:32

Pakster just because he plays lock doesn't mean he doesn't need to be an athlete. Ie possessing pace and power. 

You have to have both. Wee matfiled had reasonable pace but zero power. Pappest tock ever. 

You can have size but not be an athlete. 

Nov 09, 2019, 14:36


I think Erasmus s waiting for this guy with a greedy eye to turn him into a top class player. 

Nov 09, 2019, 15:10

Sitzsack needing time after school to catch up with the rest of the class!

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