Eish, Bafoona Bafoona Junior boks suffer heavy defeat to Bargies 12 - 31

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Jul 05, 2024, 14:42

Oh well, thought the baby boks were turning a corner but it appeared that they continue to be under performers. With our schools and varsity talent, we should be walking this comp but instead they have appointed an affirmative action coach to do window dressing to please the ANC. 

I do hope this clown gets fired and they bring a proper junior coach that can build the structures our youth players need. 

We can't rely on Rassie alone to rescue us, neither can we allow clowns like this guy to be in the system. The same for Stick and Davids. 

You have the school systems to identify coaches, if they succeed there, then give them the junior bok gig, they can then go on to become part of the boks support staff or even coach a franchise from which they could one day become the bok coach. But all this steps are to test a coach. 

But now we have this Bafoona guy and he just keeps fucking up. Time for him to leave. 

The boks did awful in championship a couple of months ago and continues to misfire

Jul 05, 2024, 17:49

This guy was endorsed by none other than Rassie Erasmus….yes he did win a couple of games with the Lions U21 side, but zero record of him performing or winning anything on the international stage…he is not Qualified enough to guide our future Boks on the right path, but yet he is there…shows very clearly That Tassels is in on the “ Fake “ show….

Jul 05, 2024, 20:43

Mpower what is your fucking issue with Rassie you ignorant twit?

Are 2 WC’s, a Lions series, a RC and ranked number 1 not good enough for you huh?

Jul 05, 2024, 21:20

I want Rassie to keep it real….he shouldn’t have endorsed that guy, just because he was told to….no pick people on merit , irrespective of there Culture or race…say no to fucking Political influence…tell those politicians to get fucked and stand up for the right thing is what I want from him!! His Rugby record is solid.

Jul 05, 2024, 21:24

I’m not talking about the utterly useless Baby Bok coach I’m talking about Rassie where you constantly are digging at him - it’s fucking pathetic

The guy has achieved amazing things for the Boks - fuck me back to back WC’s - it does not get better than that

Jul 05, 2024, 21:31

No different to selecting Kolisi as captain….it serves Eluckmiss politically.

Jul 05, 2024, 22:01

With our schools and varsity talent, we should be walking this comp 

They got smacked in Australia too.

Your opinion of the strength of your schools and Varsity talent is way off the mark.

They are no where as good as you think they are.

The Baby Boks will be beaten by England as well. 

Jul 09, 2024, 20:12

Horrible conditions tonight, but it was a good game overall. 

Well done England :) 

Jul 10, 2024, 11:05

First time in 14 years that SA didn't get out the pool. This guy should be fired now. Give it to Duanne vermeulen with the view of him become Rassie successor. I do believe we need springbok coaches that have contributed towards our youth development and that build a core group of players. This guys is destroying our players

Jul 10, 2024, 19:05

There we go a Job for the new Minister of sport…. Gay ton Mckenzie…get rid of this Bafana Bafana guy and put a proper coach there to guide the future Boks….not destroying them.

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