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Jun 08, 2024, 13:47

Underway…..Goosen looking lively and then he pulls a Goosen costing the Bools a second try. Arendse has already notched up a brilliant try.

Jun 08, 2024, 13:54

The Bools are playing fabulous rugby, perhaps the best offloading we have seen from a SA team. But they are being very profligate. And just like that Benetton score and the Bools seem to be behind. Rescued by a Benetton offside.

And surprise,  the brilliant Arendse scores again. Two big turning points cancel out and the Bools have a good lead.

Jun 08, 2024, 14:11

Terrific kick from Goosen….the Bools defense on the right isn’t looking too swift.

The commentators finally realizing Benetton are in the game.

Jun 08, 2024, 14:20

Complete mismatch Ratave vs Klerk, the Bools are going to have to watch that one. It’s stunning how much slower the line speed of the Bools is vs the Boks. It seems our teams can only focus on one thing. The Bools are offloading brilliantly but the defense has no structure or bite.

Jun 08, 2024, 14:40

Another great kick by Goosen….the Bools are looking vulnerable.

Jun 08, 2024, 14:50

Flyhalf on a prop Benetton score a well deserved try. Bools defense could be losing this and then….Goosen makes a crucial break from nowhere. And the margin is restored. But the game is still in the balance.

Jun 08, 2024, 15:01

Bools half the team with Arendse off the park….one player can be the difference.

Jun 08, 2024, 15:16

The Bools get a heaven sent knock from Benetton as they looked set to score and even up the game. Bools win but Benetton were the better team.

Jun 08, 2024, 15:23

Bools made hard work of it, but a win is a win.

Jun 08, 2024, 15:45

How was Wilco and Gerhard Steenekamp performing in the scrum?

Jun 08, 2024, 15:50

I didn't see a lot of scrums...wasn't able to sit down and watch the match...only kept an eye on the TV...

Jun 08, 2024, 15:57

Ok thanks Draad….I didn’t watch the game and the Highlights nowadays, don’t show any scrums…..let’s hope our WP can pull it thru…..Go Stormers!! : )

Jun 08, 2024, 16:00

Wilco had his man retreating, but got called once for walking round. Always a marginal thing. Steenkamp was solid but neutral.

I thought Hanekom had a great game, Akker made a difference, Goosen was influential despite one blooper early. The Bools wings, apart from Arendse were defensively vulnerable.

For me the player of the game was the Benetton flyhalf Albornoz who beat 7 tackles, followed by Ratave.

Jun 08, 2024, 16:04

Thanks Moz….Cameron Hanekom is a Guy i think will get the 8 th man spot, with hopefully Roos and Elrigh as our flanker pair….Pepsi can also be in tha mix.

Jun 08, 2024, 16:13

Next up Stav,s team Leinster vs Ulster….should be cracker

Jun 08, 2024, 16:42

Hanekom 21 tackles made …none missed.  Including one brutal hit  that gave him a stinger.

Jun 08, 2024, 16:51

Next up Stav,s team Leinster vs Ulster….should be cracker

F**k off.

Jun 08, 2024, 17:35

Is Leinster not your team?

Jun 08, 2024, 17:43

Is Leinster not your team?

Jun 08, 2024, 17:49

Stav is a Westener...Connacht...Leinster is to them like the Bools is to WP...or something?

Jun 08, 2024, 17:53

Caught bits of the game.

That computer or Arendse's shoulders keeps getting better.

I'd love to see some of the offers he's getting from Europe right now.

Jun 08, 2024, 17:59

Sorry My bad : )

Jun 08, 2024, 20:27

Arendse also out for now, with a fractured Cheekbone.

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