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Nov 16, 2022, 12:43

We started the year off as the number 1 ranked team. We threw the game against the Welsh by selecting an entire team that hardly played together. 

We then beat NZ by a record margin only to throw the next game at fortress away with poor selections and match tactics. 

Australia yet again got a bok scalp as our boys looked like they were on holiday. 

We won the last test against Aus and managed to beat Argentina that have beaten both the NZ and Aus. They have also now beaten England. Our final match against them we simply couldn't do the fundamentals like passing

We arrived in Ireland with the view or reclaiming the top spot but we were never in control of the game as Willemse was selected at 10 and couldn't even kick the ball over from straight in front. 

We head down to France and went through 3 Kickers, Wilemse was the last remaining kicker on the field and actually got it over. 

We have two games left, will we slip up against a resurgent Italy team, although, some really poor choices at lock and 7. 

Then we have England waiting for us who beat us last year. 

  1. Wales
  2. Wales - Lost
  3. Wales
  4. NZ
  5. NZ - Lost
  6. Australia - Lost
  7. Australia
  8. Arg
  9. Arg
  10. Ireland - Lost
  11. France - Lost
  12. Italy - ?
  13. England - ?

5 lost 6 Won from 11. Only 55%. win ratio. Not acceptable and I would give this team an F. Especially in the players that was selected and how we played. We dropped 4 places from 1. 

65% is the minimum pass for a bok coach, the better coaches have had 67% and higher. So it is a fail from me

Nov 16, 2022, 13:34

It’s a poor record. The loss to Wales was with our B side

We should not have lost to Ireland and France

I can’t remember the details of the Oz and NZ losses it’s too long ago

Nov 16, 2022, 13:37

According to Rassie we are in the Right place before WC next year....don't understand how 55% win Ratio can be counted as good?? We have to win all our remaining games not only for Rankings, but most importantly to get our Confidence level back where it should be. 

Nov 16, 2022, 15:54

Well, they were at a 50% win record before the World Cup and got the team right, but I don't buy into it this time. The bulk of his team is 4 years older, most are now 30+ and there is no excuse for building toward the WC. 

Nov 16, 2022, 18:32

Interestingly, the Welsh loss was our best performance of the tour. Overall, there wasn't game where the coaching was acceptable. Our entire attack was flaccid from the first to the last game. Our defence has regressed markedly. Scruffy, ugly rugby. Our best stars are looking average to below average. Erasmus has done something no other coach has ever achieved: coned the team and fans into accepting mediocrity with indifference. He has built the team around languid, passive followers. Erasmus is a weak leader who surrounds himself with yes men. 

Nov 16, 2022, 19:00

Nick Mallet made an interesting point in that the team are coached not to make any mistakes and force penalties, but when they try to play expansive it all falls apart as the players are too afraid to make errors. 

Where as, if they just played and not worry about mistakes or conceding the ball then it would be totally different. 

He has stifled the team

Nov 16, 2022, 20:41

I told you lot way back in 2019...Rassie is playing the statistics too. We don't want to get in the position where we win every game and lose at a crucial stage. Pick your battles wisely...concede a few here and there, but win the ones that count...all about percentages...we are in a much better space than 4 years ago...keep the faith...the Kentucky Derby isn't won over the first mile...

Nov 16, 2022, 20:50

We just narrowly lost to nr1 and nr2 in the world in their own back yard...without a recognized kicker in our team...both teams beat NZ convincingly in previous matches...we beat NZ convincingly in Nelspruit...we're in a good place...pick your battles...

Nov 16, 2022, 21:23

It's worse then that Korn, we have to not only revamp the entire Bok model, we have to rebuild the team to implement those changes. Erasmus has set the standard so low, these Boks actually believed this team was the best in the world playing mediocre rugby. He is ruining their potential. Pollard had a few good games in 2018, thereafter, nothing. And to be sure, they are making plenty of mistakes. It's a strange period we are in, where there isn't one single great test side. We've been let off the hook far too often. With a real coach, and a real vision, with ambition and accountability, we can seize the opportunity to be that great team. This window won't last forever. 

Nov 16, 2022, 21:42

Aag no man Auge, Rassie can do much better, but we are in a way better position than we were 4 years ago...or even the whole Meyer tenure...I  don't like our style and we can't repeat it every match, but when we do turn up for a match,  and we really apply ourselves,  we can beat any team on the planet comfortably HULK SMASH!!!....much more science going ito this than meats the eye.

Nov 16, 2022, 21:53

Actually, we are in the worst position. We require teams playing badly Mr Draad. We haven't beaten a team playing well for several years. However, this doesn't seem to be an issue to too many people. 

Nov 16, 2022, 22:11

It very much looks like he is playing for those Percentage...but creating a losing culture in the mean previous years we were atleast still in a position to close out these close games....these losses were for nothing....because R+N did not even try to blood more younger Guns....we are atleast trying to Run more but not to the Potential we can and should does Rassie know for sure that his Troopers will win those picked Percentage Battles?? Logic suggest that winning, closing out these close games, creates Confidence and Self Believe.

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