Why is Federer and Nadal avoiding some tournaments?

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Mar 15, 2021, 09:30

After winning the Australian Open Djokovic is not playing in the Dubai Open, which he won last year.    His next assignment is the  Miami 1000 tournament.    Maybe it is understandable - he does not want to [;ay in the 200 tournaments - and concentrate only in the better-financed 1000 series.   In thee other hand in the past he did not pick and choose the tournaments he played in like he is doing at present.   When he did play in the  500 tournaments, in the EOY Championship and the PTA World Cup over the last six months - the latter two series outside of the majors being the top rated series in world tennis - he was substandard  from a performance perspective,   So s he due to the age factor starting to reduce his tennis series he is participating in?

Nadal ha performance problems since the Paris Open towards the end of last year.  He unsuccessfully participated in the EOTC and the Australian Open - the latter after not playing  in the PTA World Cup.    In the latter series he blamed a "stiff back" for not playing and when invited to play in Dubai this year turned down the invitation because he is still suffering from the "stiff back" problem.   When asked about potential participation in the Miami tournament he did not respond.  Is he going in future not to participate in tournament not played on clay?  Seems so - because he struggke in hard court games since the French Open in 2020,   Seems he is also cutting back exposure  in most other games basically due to the age factor.    

In all bar the Majors - where there is a day gap between games and some recovery  possible in all other tournaments 0 there is no break and players must play every day  - especially in the play-off games,      It is clear that frim the recent Qatar tournament - that Federer found it impossible to play on successive days.   Is Djokovic and Nadal getting to that stage as well? 

By the way since 2005  the top-ranked players have been shared by Federer, Nadal, Djokovuc and Murray.    The situation changed recently and  -

*     Nadal was recently the no  2  player in the world - but Medvedev is now the n2 plater in the world;  while

*     Federer is the number 6 player in the world; and

*     Murray  is not in the top 50 ranked players anymore.            ,                          


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