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May 30, 2024, 13:52

Plum and DA, who do you guys favour in the Poirer vs Machaev match up? I think Dustin stand a chance in putting him down, but if it goes to the ground , he will be in real trouble. I hope Dustin wins. Then if Strickland underestimates Costa and is to over confident, I think his lights might just be out for a while. I think Costa might just do it. Some classic match ups this weekend : )

May 30, 2024, 14:33

Sheeesh M, this one is tough, and I seriously can't wait for this fight, and then the Connor / Chandler fighter later this month and Whitaker and Khamzat...... good times ahead :D

Between Islam and Dustin, I see soo little in who has the advantage, but I would have to go with Islam, and that is if I really had to put my life on it.

I genuinely believe Dustin can win this fight though....he has the power to knockout Islam with one punch and he is a beast of note in almost all areas, and besides his knockout loss against Justin, Dustin has been on fire..... and given that he is getting close to calling it a day, and this also being his 3rd attempt at the title, I so want Dustin to win it... he has earned it.

Dustin is no slouch on the ground either, he even came extremely close to be the first to submit Khabib in their fight, but the ground will always be Islam's playground, but I would absolutely love a submission win by Dustin, but I imagine his corner will still be yelling at him to leave the guillotine alone, because he usually always tries it... lol.

I think Strickland could bust up Costa pretty good, that's if Costa doesn't come our strong in the 1st round.  Sean will walk him down and just trade, which Costa can't really afford to do, Costa needs to rough Sean up like DDP did, and mix it and change levels all the time....otherwise I see Sean walking it or winning by knockout.... but Costa has the straight up power to knock Sean out as well...... really good match ups this weekend.

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