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Jan 01, 2022, 12:17

This competition is highly regarded as one of the top team competitions in the tennis world.   

In 2021 the Russian Federation team was the winners of the series and easily so.   They were the favorites to win again this year - but for a variety of reasons the Russian team has been reduced to only Medvedev and two players outside of the top 100  players in the world.    The fact is that because of Covid none of Rublev, Khachanov and Karatsev is available to play for the Russian team.   

So which team will be the winners this year?    Not sure at all but in my book the largely intact German Team wit Zverev at its lead player will now be  the  favorites  this year.    

Jan 02, 2022, 17:06

i am not sure what is happening insofar  as Rublev is concerned.  In the games scheduled for Tuesday he is given to play an Aussie player.   All of  Nadal, Shapovalov and Rublev was infeced at the same time and Shapo is set to play on Tuesday as well.    Thy would not have put out the player list like that if there was a problem.   In the meantime Russia did beat France 2-1 and with Rublev joining them the team would be strengthened.     

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