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Jul 10, 2023, 00:37

Watch  the following video clip:-

Andrey Rublev's IMPOSSIBLE diving winner | Play of the Day presented by Barclays - Bing video

I have through the past year saw Rublev played unreturnable balls when in defense and winning the point, but  the shot he played in the penultimate point was really amazing.    Fact is the shot caused prolonged applause by the spectators and Bublik stood there frozen in amazement with the commentators said was the most unbelievable and amazing shots they have ever seen for many years and the article mentioned Boris Becker in his title win in the 1980's.   

In the match Rublev did not self-destruct.   That left him in a situation where he will most likely meet Djokovic in the quarterfinal tomorrow.   If he shows the same attitude he displayed today I would say he has a 20% chance of beating Djokovic - who had to play yesterday and continue the match today.   In other words Rublev had an unexpected rest day and a chance to recover some of he energy he dis[layd today, While Djokovic does not have a similar one day break going into the quarterfinal.

By the way the fact that of 3 of the 8 quarterfinal players are from Russia again proved how ridiculous the banning of Russian players from playing in the UK in 2022 really was.    There could even have been four or even 5 Russian players 5 threatening to be in the quarterfinals if Zverev did not lose his match yesterday and Khachanov did play.   4 of the 5  players are ranked in the Top 20 players in the world  with Medvedev at 3, Rublev at 7. Khachvanov at 11  and Zverev at 19.     If Safiiullin manage to win his  match  today he will move up ftom being 91 in the rankings to number 28 in the world - at this stage he is in fact ranked 43 in the world having gained 49 position as to ranking  in the Wimbledon  tournament..      


Jul 12, 2023, 19:43


Jul 12, 2023, 20:52

Zverev is German you moron. Your Russian bias keeps tripping you up.

Jul 13, 2023, 01:17

Zverev's home language is Russian - his family left Russia after his elder brother was borne and now lives in Hamburg where Zvere was bone.   Unlike you I am objective and not biased  as you are.

The weird thing the crowd support at Wimbledon is that Rublev is a crowd favorite at Wimbledon for some reason or another.   He has openly declared his opposition to the Ukraine War and so have the other Russians who played at Wimbledon..    The exception  was Khachanov who does not have an overseas home like Medvedev and Rublev have.     Medvedev owns his own home in Monaco and  Rublev has one in  Miami - but has his home residence is in Monaco where he is a long term lessee of a property,    For tax purposes his home is Monaco.

However, this has nothing to do with your standard BS and everything to do with tennis performance and in particular with the shot he played against Bublik.   You wrote about hype in response - the crowd obviously were in supporting tennis and not the BS you always comes up with.                       


Jul 13, 2023, 03:11

Lies….your whole point was Russians couldn’t play at Wimbledon last year. An argument you made to try to diminish Djokovic’s win. So you called it an exhibition. And you included Zverev with the Russians totally forgetting his absence was because of injury. He was eligible to play because he is a German…born in Germany.

Just another example of your defective logic. Once you have an idea you never change your mind even if all the facts are against you.

In this case your story was Djokovic was a spent player, therefore he couldn’t win Wimbledon, therefore when he did win Wimbledon it had to be defective…thus when the Russians couldn’t play it was compromised…,even though no Russian male player has a premium record on grass.

You are just so obvious Clever.

Jul 13, 2023, 07:56

You are nothing  bar a sick in the mind idiot.    Wimbledon last year became a exhibition tournament with no APT tournament points for winning the Championship - same as what happened with normal exhibition tournaments.   Those who carried forward points in 2021 lost all their points last year.   The APT turned the tournament into a Exhibition torunament and stated so in public.

Even leading players last year objected to what was done by the England Tennis Association - Djokovic being the player who led criticism of the decision to exclude Russian Players from the tournament.    When did I write anything about Zverev at all about the tournament last year - did not even think he would get to the quarterfinals this year,    What I clearly stated was honest and not BS as flowing like lava from your mouth whenever you write anything on site.   

Jul 13, 2023, 07:56


Jul 13, 2023, 07:56


Jul 13, 2023, 12:49

Technically no points were given, but Wimbledon 22 was contested as fiercely as any other Wimbledon. Riddle me this ….when have you seen an exhibition with 5 set matches. Give me just one instance in all the history of tennis.

All these convoluted theories are nonsense….Wimbledon 22 was not an exhibition, Zverev is not Russian, Rublev did not beat Djokovic, the Russians aren’t a threat on grass.

Jul 13, 2023, 15:08

 Funny - no points given and those points players collected in playing at Wimbledon 2021 were eliminated.    The APT claimed themselves that the competition is equated and treated as a Exhibition tournament.     Your insane and illogical BS is amazing.   The ATP and WTA did not recognize the validity of the tournament for point purposes  and your personal opinion mans bugger-all.     

Jul 13, 2023, 15:45

That’s just a point scoring technicality. Every list of Majors that are quoted eg for the Joker includes Wimbledon 22.

I had forgotten this dead head, stubborn denial of reality of you farmer boys.. .stupidity that destroyed South Africa.

Jul 14, 2023, 18:37

Well we know two things - that SA is being destroyed by the ANC and the USA is undermined by the corrupt clique and will also self-destruct as a world power.

Lets get back to the original point I tried to make and that was that it was stupid of the All England Lawn Tennis Association to ban the Russians and  Belarus players to play in the tournament.  If it was not why change their tack this year.

That set you off on a tirade about the real description given by the TPA and WTA to the effect that they do not accept the conduct of the English  thus equaiting Wimbledon to an exhibition series.  That let to a tirade about Djokovic which I did not mention in a thread dealing with a shot played by Rublev.     The least damaging conclusion on the above is that your conduct is weird.           

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