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Sep 27, 2021, 07:48

The series are played between 6 player teams from Europe  and from the rest of the world.    Over the last ten years the cup series took hold and is now a fixture set to be played after the US Open in September each year,   In the past players like Federer and Djokovic regularly played for the Europe team,  but both were absent this year.   

This year the game was played in Boston - next year it will be in London.   The series aim to honor  Laver and to raise funds for charities,    The price money involved  payment of the players  of the winning team gets $200 000 price money each.

The capains of the two teams are players who became famous themselves,   In the case of the Europe team it was Bjorn Borg and in the case of the World team is John Mcenroe.    That was the case over the past three tournaments and is also the case this year.

Three of the team members are selected on ranking of players in the world and the other three are captain choices.  This year all the Europe teams were  in the top 10 ranking in teh world - why the three world players were the no 11th, 12th and  15th ranked players with the three captains choices being Opelka isner and Kyrgios.   The point system allocate 1 point for the first day matches - 2 points for each of the second day matches and 3 points for the matches played on the third day matches,  The winning team is the one reaching 13 points and if the outcime is tied a deciding match would eb played.      

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The Europe team won the trophy for the last four series,   In the 2021 series the Europe Team had 6 players under the age of 25 and the team set some records in performances.    These included -

*    winning all the ingle matches (3 on day 1 and three on day 2 leaving the European team  with 9 points;

*    winning one of the two double features played - the end result being 1 point for the World team and 2 points for the Europe team; 

*     winning the doubles match on day 3;

*    winning the series with a point count of 14-1 - which resulted in the alst three single games being cancelled; and

*    it never before happened that on the secind day the World team did not win a single match on day 2.   

The future looks bleak for the World Team next year,   By next year the 6 payers from Europe will be the top 6 ranked player si the world - with the World team having to pick lower ranked players.   




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