The EOY Tennis Championship in 2020 an the PTA World Cup for 2021

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Feb 07, 2021, 16:41

In dealing with the issues I want to refer to the situation that was found since circa 2004   and that relates to the massive roles Federer,  Nadal and Djokovic played in world tennis on that period.    However, age does effect performances of all sportsmen and the three greats are no different.   I believe that except w\for Nadal on clay their performances are in decline and quite remarkedly so - why younger players start beating them;  *    Federer has been out of tennis for 4 months due to injury and is scheduled to return to play in March ion the rather reduced competitive Doha tournament where it is unlikely that any of the top 10 players will compete  and he obviously hope he can win.    I think that remaining playing tennis is damaging his massive reputation  in the game, 

*     Nadal is still in a class of his own on clay - but on other surfaces he is not effective anymore, A number of examples of that can be quoted,

*    Djokovic is still competitive - but not really the great he used to be. 

So lets look at the two most prestigious tournaments in world tennis outside of the grand slams an see what really happened,    

The EOY Champions Cup Tournament

This tournament is played by the 8 top ranked players in the world.  being number 1 and 2  ranked in the world Djokovic and Nadal played in the tournament last year,   The 8 player are divided in 2 pools and must play each other in the pool stage/    In the two pools were -

Pool A    -   Djokovic, Medvedev, Svever and Schwartzman

Pool B   -    Nadal, Thiem, Sitsipas and Ruiblev,

In the Pool A game Djokovic was demolished by Medvedev and he ended up second on the log - while in Pool B Thiem beat Nadal and he also ended up second in the log,

In the semis Natal had to play Demetrev and in the third set just fell apart and was eliminated.  The same happened to Djokovic in his game against Thiem,

In the semi the same happened to Nadal.   He was not good enough to beat Medvedev   .So the final was between Thiem and Medvedev - with the latter taking the trophy,   

The TPA World Cup Championship               

This is a new series introduced in 2020 and is based on the basic principle is similar to the Davis Cap.   24 countries sent teams to this series in 2020 - but due to the virus and related restrictions the number to 12.    The team from Serbia won the series last year,

The interesting issues to read about is the participation of the players    Djokovic, Thiem amd Demetrev dud play - but Nadal could not play as a result of a stiff back,  

There are also some of the younger players who Made a real impression - especially Medvedev, Rubdev and Berretini,    Especially Rubdev was deadly and of the  opponents he met he   just demolished them - other than one set he lost 3/6.    After losing the set he made 6/1 and 6/2 in the deciding two sets,   In the final Rubdev beat Fognini 3/1 and 6/2.   

Berrentini did well in the round Robin series and ended u playing the Spanish no 2  in the semi-  ie - in the absence of Nadal.  However, in the final  Medevedev beat him 6/4 and 6/2. 

Djokovic struggled against Sverev in the semi and narrowly beat him,.   However his team lost the other two games and was out of the series,   In the semi Medvedev beat Sverev comfortably

We will have to see what happens in the Aussie open - I think that the final could be ebtween Medvedev or Rubdev  and Djokovic - since his two strongest opponents  he can only meet in the final.   




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