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Jun 02, 2021, 15:01

Any comments on the Rublev match .......you seem....er......lost for words.

Jun 02, 2021, 16:03

Careful what you wish for! He isn't short of words, just the coordination of said words.

Volume 1 of "Reasons why Mozart arez a doffdoos and I really hate Meyer". (Note: Volume 2 and 3 are accidental reprints of Volume 1).

Jun 02, 2021, 16:12

I know exactly what the Tart is doing...he is waiting for one of the big three to get beaten, preferably by a young Russian. Then he’ll be back, totally ignoring his call for Rublev to win it all.

Jun 03, 2021, 23:05

Hahaha.....this from the Tart:

‘Nadal should hope that he does not meet Rublev - who disgraced him on Monte Carlo’......not much chance of that is there?

And how about this classic: ‘ He played a qualifier and his next opponent is Marin Cilic and in that case I believe that he may be not so lucky.’

Care to comment on how Fed took Cilic, who is a dangerous opponent, apart. The chicken run by the Tart! 

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