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May 08, 2021, 13:59

Canelo Alvarez is a straight-up beast. 

He'll walk you down, take everything you've got and send it ALL back with massive interest. There isn't a boxing fan alive that doesn't admire the Mexican. Most prefer him over  Mayweather, and with good reason. Canelo wants to fight and always does. 

Even in a nation known for its ability to take a punch, Canelo's chin is stuff of legend. 

Billy Joe, on the other hand, will bring movement and some gypsy hoodoo into the ring in Texas tonight. The guy has a knack for finding the right shots when it matters most and is unbeaten to date. He did struggle to take out Eubank Jr who is leagues behind Canelo's pedigree. So there's that.

The smart money will, as always, be on Canelo, and failing a miracle, the gypsy will be handing over his belt and kissing his unbeaten record goodbye.

The problem for Canelo is that there's nobody else left to fight. Nobody worthwhile anyway. 

For me, a draw would be the best result. Because it means there'll be two more fights between these two.

My head says Canelo.

...but Fury is saying Billy Joe.

It'll be a great fight regardless.

Prediction - Canelo by KO in the 7th.

May 09, 2021, 08:20

Saunders suffers a fractured right orbital in the 7th and doesn't come out of his corner.

Another step closer to unifying the division for Canelo. Guy is a monster.

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