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Aug 20, 2021, 13:23

From the time I start to take notice of the present tennis scenario there were four players that constantly play doubles together and practice together.   Those were Tsitsipas, Sverev, Medvedev and Rublev.   We know that -

*    Mdvedev and his wife seems to have no family inks with people not from Russia;

*    Rublev were basically brought up by his grandparents while his parents were working all over Russia and that his grandmother was from Vienna;

*     that Svrev's parents and their eldest son Mischa migrated from Russia to Germany where Sverev were borne, but

*     What about sistsipas/   

Tsitsipas mother was a Russian and his grandmother funded here to go to Greece for sport training  purposes,   That is where she met his father and they got married,   Tsitsipas at present speak three languages - Greek, English and Russian and it is the main reason why those four players are such close friends and always supporting each other.     ,   

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