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Sep 09, 2023, 03:31

Everybody was giving the match to Alcatraz, but Medvedev learned the Traz lesson…depth and pace. Traz is deadly from the half court but keep it deep and he becomes a different player. He also found a way from exceptionally far  behind the baseline to force Traz to volley up.

Medvedev played at a fast pace, hardly pausing between serves…I think that unsettled Traz.

He also held his nerve ….serving for the match, down 15/40 he kept attacking, going for a 126 mile per hour second serve on match point. And then having double faulted giving Traz a game point, he settled down and secured the win with a massive forehand up the line.

Traz will leave this with a few scars…life isn’t a script just written for him. Next time he is in that position there will be more doubts.

Watching Shelton and Traz today the differences are quite stark. Traz is much more developed…a better volleyer and drop shot artist….a better tactician. But Shelton has so much more power without the poppy muscles that will always be a risk for Traz. He is well behind today but with much more improvement potential. Shelton effortlessly serves in the mid one thirties, McEnroe said today he is the biggest server he has seen.

He probably needs a better coaching team and complete dedication. Is an American kid of this generation willing to put in the effort? Even if he doesn’t Traz will be facing many talented youngsters in the years ahead, 

But I hope the whole carnival show of grunting, fist pumping, posing and loud Spanish coaching gets toned down. It’s unattractive and detracts from Alcaraz’s game and otherwise good sportsmanship.

In the meantime we have a final featuring probably the two best players in the game right now, with similar styles. Medvedev upset the Djokovic Grand Slam a few years back. He won’t be any easier to beat on Sunday.

Sep 09, 2023, 04:09


You are talking absolute crap again  and that is a fact as well.  It is not even possible to respond logically to your BS.   One can explain it to you - but it won't help since t][=you know as little about tennis as you know about rugby and for that matter of all codes of sport.     

Sep 09, 2023, 04:23

No it’s not possible for you to respond because you never played the game or any other game for that matter.  Just eat your crow and keep your trap shut.

Sep 09, 2023, 04:27

Here’s just the latest example of your bias and moronic judgement:

 Not so sure about the outcome of the matches in this part of the Draw.    Djokovic played no matches against seeded players thus far and he comes up  against his first seeded player against Fritz in this half of the Draw.    I would have made Djokovic the firm favorite to win in this match - but bearing in mind his questionable performance against the unseeded Djere - not even the second ranked player in Serbia - I think the outcome will be a toss-up.   The other part will be the crowd support that would favor Fritz heavily.’


Fritz was never going to beat Djokovic at the US Open…only an utter noob would come up with that stupid idea.

It’s not just that you are so clueless, it’s that you really think you are right. Hilarious.

Sep 09, 2023, 04:31

Only a total idiot  will claim that one tennis match determines who are the best tennis players in the world.    That is why you should keep your idiotic comments to yourself.  


Sep 09, 2023, 04:45

I never claimed that. You, however claimed Djokovic was washed up at the start of 2021. After which he has won 6 of nine Majors he played in and is in the final of the current one.

After such a colossal mistake, any normal person would stay down.  

Sep 09, 2023, 05:15

At the time Djokovic was not plsying  much and was not very successful.    You cannot understand English  anyway - go and read what you wrote above stupid.         

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