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Sep 09, 2023, 08:58

The whole of next week is devoted to the semifinals in the ITF Davis Cup

In the week after that there will be -

   *     there will be 2 ATP 250 Tournaments in China; and

   *     the Prestigious Rod Lavor Cup between a European Team and the rest of the World team.   

It is not sure who will play in China and who in the Rod Lavor Cup series.   The Cup in 2022 was played in London and it was decided that no Russian players would be in the European team  to participate in the tournament.    The European tem also had a number of elderly players in it.   As  a result the Cup was won by the Rest of the Word Tournament for the first time in a decade. 

Players like Rublev, Tsitsipas, Simmer, and Rune may decide to go and play in China to improve their rating positions.    The difference in rankings between those 4 players are very small - so for them the Chinese tournaments could make a difference to  their overall log positions.   It is also important for in particular Zverev  in their race to Turin campaigns.

I will provide further info on that issue  by Saturday next week,     


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