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May 13, 2024, 14:50

While he's probably not considered the pound for pound best fighter in the world anymore, because Crawford exists and is looking like the best boxer to have ever done it, Loma is back, and at 36 years of age he totally outclassed Kambosos on the weekend.

The difference between Loma and everybody else is that he tops almost all the defensive stats, while being an in-your-face fighter. Nobody moves like he does and nobody makes the science look quite as sweet.

He now gets a crack at Tank Davis for all the belts. I like tank, but Loma gets my shout. As much as it meant for the SA when the Bons won the WC, it would likely mean even more to Ukraine if Loma wins all the belts.

Saying that, Usyk takes on Tyson Fury this weekend to unify all the heavyweight belts. Looking forward to it and will be hoping Usyk can topple the big man. That would mean just as much to Ukraine, though it's a tall order.

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