For Mozart...this is what Sport Fishing is worth to USA economy

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Jan 28, 2020, 17:54

It's massive and a sector that's to be protected, nurtured and conserved.

Take a probably know this, am I right?


Jan 28, 2020, 21:13

A Billion dollars spent on bait! Is the USA a great country or what! Most of my US fishing has been on the Great Lakes for Salmon and in the estuaries around Palm Beach for  Jack Crevalle, whose tough resistance  always reminded me of the Galjoen.

Jan 29, 2020, 13:29

Mozart : Didn't you know or come from the Elgin (Grabouw) area of the Cape...someone here did. In the seventies and early eighties one of our buddies was Peter Rawbone-Viljoen whose dad owned Oak Valley Estates, then an apple estate. It was a magnificent home...the size of a very upmarket hotel with wine cellars the size of an ordinary house. Often we would return there with the crayfish we had dived out along that Hermanus coast and Pete being a gourmet cook would treat us to Crayfish Thermador or his favourite Crayfish Cardinale washed down by the finest wines imaginable.

Pete then worked as a cameraman for SATV and was always broke and always bumming off me, although his dad was a billionaire...he had a brand new Mercedes which his dad gave him for his 21st birthday but was forever running out of petrol, once on De Waal Drive LOL. Never thought Pete would come to much...he was a bit of a playboy who was always spending too much on pleasures and resulted being broke but obviously he changed, he was talented but lazy when I knew him, he now owns and runs a separate wine estate in Constantia area and put his money to good use. An amazing turn around.

Anyway his dad died in 1999 and the 3 children inherited big time. Anthony, the eldest inherited the farm estate, Peter and his sister Dini literally masses of millions in cash and investments.. I left after that but I heard that they changed over from apples to wine grapes and produce wines of high quality.

They too have an ocean-going boat (for fishing as well) that can reach Australia from SA, so I was informed as well and although Peter was not much of a fisherman when I knew him he is now in the big league.

This is their places take a look...

Our Story – Constantia Nectar

The other estate. the original main one...Oak Valley...Anthony Rawbone- Viljoen.

Oak Valley - oak-valley-ebook-2nd-edition-2018.pdf

Jan 29, 2020, 18:25

Well the kids came good in the end. Hell wasn’t there a daughter could be sipping Constantia nectar on the boat off the Seychelles.

Jan 29, 2020, 20:32

Haha ...Are you suggesting that I should have married Dini (Pete's sister).

Actually I was rather fond of her...she was attractive, had a stunning figure and we got on quite well but nah...was not ready for that...too young and although we often met for breakfast usually in a group at Cavendish Square we were having too much fun and did not want that at that stage in life. It never crossed my mind...but yeah, come to think of it, it may have been a good business decision. But I love with my heart not my mind...a failing perhaps.

As my late mother would joke on marriage.."if your are going to suffer in marriage, you might as well suffer in comfort !"

Jan 30, 2020, 00:13

Never mind it sounds  like you found a good one in Russia!

Jan 30, 2020, 15:01

Yeah, she's the best.We celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in March.

I was touring Russia and I employed the services of a young university student who acted as a tour guide and interpreter...she introduced Elena to me as they were friends. Elena is very well educated and had a good job in Moscow. Sadly she cannot find a good position in this decrepit country of mine...we don't have Space Research.

I was planning to visit Crimea, Ukraine, Poland Bulgaria, Hungary and Czech Republic as I had never been there before but all my plans were changed when I met her...spent over a month in Moscow and never got to see those Eastern Block countries that I so wanted to. Hope to some day, including Slovenia, Romania and Croatia...I'm told they are gems. I've seen most of Europe on and off over the years. 

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