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Aug 29, 2023, 22:44

…three years after he was supposedly done. Still who cares, he is just focused on Grand Slams these days.

Aug 30, 2023, 19:34


Because you never understood how the point system works and how players benefit from it since 1968 - inclusive Djokovic himself benefitted from it and some of them loose big is a result of how the system actually works.   

The real performance in the world for the current  yarr is a different situation from the overall marking system..    Lets give you 2 examples:-

*    In 2022 Nadal won the French Open and since he did not play in 2023  he lost the 2000 points he got in that event in 2023.    That means he went from no 15 in the world to number 123.   

*     In 2022  Djokovic  won in Wimbledon - but he lost no points in 2023 since the 2022 event was treated as an exhibition tournament. 

*   In the case of Alcaraz  he won the US Open last year - he lost all the ranking  points he eaned last year - ie 2 000 points - while Djokovic lost nothing this year.   

When it comes to performances in 2023 the fact is that Alcaraz in 2023 earned 7 500 points as against Djokovic who thus far earned 6990 points.  So on performances this year Alcaraz is still he better player of the .in  2023.    .                              

Aug 30, 2023, 23:11

In all honesty I don’t care.

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