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Jun 03, 2024, 19:30

Novak Djokovic has already broken the record for most Grand Slam title wins and today he broke Roger Federer's record of most wins in Grand Slam matches. The record was 369. It's now 370.

Not sure if there are any more records for this supreme player to break, it's more about how much he extends them by. Hoping he goes on to make it Grand Slam #25.

Go Djok!

Jun 04, 2024, 21:10

He broke the record and broke his ability to continue n the tournament and will not play tomorrow in the Quarterfinals.    The 5 setter was to tough for his body to handle and he would have lost easily in the quarterfinal.     He thus far has not won a single tournamanet this  year - a pity - but I am sure  he is nearing the end of his tennis career.   It would be a pity - but Djokovic himself said he will only play as long  as  he is competitive  and it seems as if he cannot get to semifinals anymore 



Jun 04, 2024, 21:53

He tore a ligament in his knee…..nothing to do with the 5 setter being too tough.

Jun 05, 2024, 02:03

When did the tore in the ligament occur - when he was walking into his hotel or going to the toilet?   You are too stupid to realise that he could have not felt it during the match and with heated muscles could survive - a while after completion of play he would have felt the pain stemming from the injury.   .

I did say the five-setter was too tough for him because he has won nothing this year and he even lost in Geneva in a ATP 250 tournament .   He seems to struggle to even get into quarterfinals this year and never went beyond that to semi-finals.     In any event in previous matches he won he was never really convincing during any tourrnament and struggle to win even against non-seeded players.     

In th meantime he has lost the no 1 ranking and if Alcaraz win the tournament - af ter his performance against Tsitsipas yesterday that would be very likely - he will end up at no 3.    If he does not play in Wimbledon starting in three weeks time he would slip down further in the rankings.     Wimbledon start just about three weeks from  now and it is likelly that a knee torn ligament will not heal in time for that tournment.  

If he does not play at Wimbledon - what touraments remain thei year?    First there is the US and Canada tournaments and US Open - after which the emphasis goes back to the European in- door season.     He does not qualify yet to play in the EOYC  unless he start winning ATP 500 and ATP 1000 tournaments of which there was none up to date.   He stand to lose with present performnces to slip totally out of the Top 10  rankings.    Not playing or losing early will lead to the following ranking  points losses:-

Wimbledon                    -             1350

US Open                        -              2000

Paris Open                                     1000

EOY Championship      -               1500

At present he has 8360 ranking points.    Not laying or losing early or losing early in torunaments can take him down to 2490 ranking points - which will take him down out of the top 10 rankings to  circa 16 to 20  in the rankings.   That was what happened  to both Federer and Nadal - they ending up outside of the top 600 rankings and signalled the end of their playing careers.  

Personally I think Djokovic is not really interested in playing  tennis on tournamnet level anymore and as he said himself he will play as long as  he is competitive in matches and tournaments - this year he was  not really competitive in any tournaments.    




Jun 06, 2024, 12:22

His withdrawal was because of a knee ligament tear….nothing else.

Jun 06, 2024, 20:41

Th e tear happened during  th e match  and due to body heat in playing  he did not feel th e problem immediately, but h e really felt it after the match when he became elss active.   The problem probably happened late in the match anyway.

I always follow facts and not fictional beliefs concocted by myself like you do regularly.   I extensively explained that if there is no improvement in Djokovic performances thus far this year he will do what he said he would do - anmely to retire from participating in tennis tournaments in future.    

What happened thus far in all matches Djokovic played - it will have to be a miracle if he can turn his performances around and the number of matches available until middle November  in whic h e can do it is getting  very limited - especially if he does not play in Wimbledon.    Nobody knows the details as to his reuturn date to play in future and will depend on the riousness of the injury.

I for instance support and hope for the quick and total recovery of  Djokovic from injury..       .               


    .   .    

Jun 07, 2024, 16:45

You claimed he defaulted because the 5 setter was too tough… is the report of his knee operation. I trust this settles the matter:

Novak Djokovic has confirmed his knee surgery went well and that he will return to competition “as soon as possible” after undergoing the medical procedure shortly after his withdrawal from the French Open due to a torn medial meniscus.

“In the past day, I had to make some tough decisions after sustaining a meniscus tear during my last match,” Djokovic wrote on social media. “I’m still processing it all but I am happy to update you that the surgery went well. I am so appreciative of the team of doctors who have been by my side as well as the overwhelming support I have received from my fans.

Jun 07, 2024, 16:52

I never said that he defaaulted - I said th e 5 setter took its toll and you said he was injuired - which I accpted that - but that he got injured during  the match.   What th e hell is wrong  wioth iot - r are you again suffer from severe dumbness caused by prejudice.  

Jun 07, 2024, 17:06

This is what you said:

’The 5 setter was too tough for his body to handle’ a catty little remark because for 3 years you have been telling us Joker is finished. Telling us the player who won 3 Majors and the YE tournament last year was finished. A major egg event.

You are as transparent as glass. You rushed to make that remark before you knew about the injury. Now you don’t have the integrity to admit your mistake.

Jun 08, 2024, 12:28

Youj are as stupid as you always are when it comes to comments on anything relating to sport.   .   His knee got injured during  the match and that played a role in his defeat - whether you like it or not.  He should be congratuilated in battling on with an in jury he sustained in the match - not after the match.   As he got injured during  the match it confirmed what I said when commenting on the issue.   He was not injured ater the matctch anyway.   That in fact support my statement about his body found the match too diffucult.   

I did not know the exact details on the injury when I wrote the first comment - but the fact he got injured during the match indicate my assessment was 100% correct.      

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