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Mar 29, 2024, 15:53

He came into the match after a grueling win over Hurkacz, but was able to dominate Traz in straight sets….no Sunshine double for the Traz. Roger was the last to do that at age 35.

So what happened. Dimitrov simply took charge. No neutral midcourt balls….he attacked the Traz who seemed totally befuddled. Even the presence of his coach, whose absence was the excuse for his Australian Open flop, never helped.

Guys like Medvecev, Zverev and even the Joker feed him too many neutral balls. Get him on the run and he makes spectacular shots but tends to get wild. I’m not seeing much progress in the kid’s game. He is brilliant for sure, but what is there to improve….maybe his tactical acumen. But failing something like that 20 year old Traz may be peak Traz.

What a waste Dimitrov has made of his career. He could have been the new Federer…..a brilliant shot maker and touch player. Yesterday  was a reminder of his talent.

Mar 29, 2024, 17:59


How many players have won the Indian Wells Tournament and the Miami Tournament n succession?      It is very rare and to base your whole story on that is showing lack of tennis knowledge.    So your assessment of tennis is based on  what experts would call amateurish and total BS .   Not worth any real comment on this one necessary.           

Mar 29, 2024, 22:01

I base my story on Traz being trashed by Dimitrov. As for wining the  two 3 set tournaments in succession….tell me how hard it is when you admit how hard it was for Djokovic to win Australia, Paris and Wimbledon in succession.

Your comments on tennis come from somebody who has never played the game….have you actually played any sport, based on that soft physique I would doubt it. 

Mar 29, 2024, 23:48

I have a functioning brain  and learned more about ackground to performances is what a only expect from yospo and issues related to it than you know because of prejudice yours is malfunction all the time.     So far this  year Dimotrov played up and down matches and to claim that he destroyed his career after not winning a ATP 1000 tournaments since Cincinnati is childish BS .   

The same situation happens to all players and anybody claiming that any one match is career-defining is BS childishness.     .      .      

Mar 30, 2024, 02:28

So he is having a poor year but still thrashed your seuntjie. Way to support your argument Wanker. So much for having a functioning brain..hahaha.

Mar 30, 2024, 05:20

I have no seuntjies  you blistering idiot..   I do nt look at BS like you spout about certain tennis players - same as the lies and distortions of what happened in rugby matches and your 6 year attack on Erasmus generally regarded as the best rugby coach in the world.    I do not lie and distort match inc idents like you do..       

There are players I like and Dimitrov is one of them - actually he is a very nice person and he is also very popular with other players.   He has been good this year and if  you saw what I wrote about his performance in the Brisbane Open this year you will note it as well .    

I don't look at one match in a tournament and write the same kind of BS  you come up with in all codes of sport.     I follow players and am in fact delighted by Dimitrov reaching the final,    Dimitrov was out of the Top 10 ranked player for years and went  as low as not  being  in the top 20 ranked players last y ear.   The players like him  being a very nice and funny person  - but he played very well this year and even though i do not think he can beat Sinner I wish he could beat him I would be delighted on his part.

There was a funny story about him and some players.    He when the tournament in Shangai was played got them to say something in Mandarin  on a video - he got some help from Chinese commentators.   In respect of Taylor Fritz  to say in Mandarin that "his girlfriend is more well-known than him"   In the case he and the commentators got Alcaraz  to say "I am a goat" and even had him added what a goat sound like.    When using their comments  during  matches  they played in  and the crowd laughed about it.   Afterwards what they said to the crowd Fritz said  in  his case  he agrees with  the broadcast comments   -  Alcaraz was laughing for the whole day about it.     

Things that I count as nice conduct about sportsmen  -   you   are totally ignorant about.                    

Mar 30, 2024, 14:20

An enjoyable story Mike….aren’t you happier when you are a bit more friendly? Spoiled a bit by the last sentence, but a big improvement on all the attacks. Keep it up.

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