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Nov 02, 2021, 11:47

Your thoughts on...

Fury Vs Usyk - The story here kinda writes itself?

Khamzat Chimaev - Did you see what he did this past weekend? Guy is trending everywhere. His entire division are shitting themselves haha 

And then...Canelo vs Plant So amped for that. I don't think many are picking Plant. That scuffle they got into can only have damaged Plant's ego severely. Particularly when you consider that Canelo struck him easily and with open palms. That  would have been a KO in the king.

And now, have you seen this kid? He's calling everyone out too. Warning, you're entering insta-fan territory...

Nov 03, 2021, 08:48

Hey Plum

I reached the point quite a while back, that I am no longer writing off Tyson Fury until he loses, LMAO

He has flummoxed me at every turn, proved me wrong, proved himself right.... I just give up

I believe Fury will beat Usyk…...only because he says he will.....and he has never been wrong on a single prediction till this day.....

Fury also knows how to put all his weight on you, at every single opportunity, and he tires you out, and then he unloads bombs on you, because he has so much weight, and not necessarily power, behind all his shots.....

I have also not come across another boxer that seems to always land so many power punches over the ear.... almost like he is targeting the ear drum..... to pop it..... much like he did against Wilder.... it's incredibly effective... 

Khamzat Chimaev …. wow.... walking with Li, talking to Dana, then dumping him and choking him out..... he is getting a "Mike Tyson" like reputation, where people are freezing when fighting him, just not too sure what to do or how to react....

I was a massive fan of him, until his last ring interview.... I just didn't like the way he handled or conducted himself..... saying he wants to kill some people......I know that sells fights, and it enhances his reputation.....and this guy is the shit, make no mistake...... but I am not sure I like the guy...... but I respect the fighter.

It's almost like a Floyd Mayweather situation, where I want someone to humble the guy... soon, lol.

Canelo vs Plant … I am picking Canelo again, the guy is just a beast, and just like Fury, until he loses again, I am backing him.... the guy's confidence is in the atmosphere...… his offense is brilliant, the footwork and head movement is outstanding, and his body shots are incredible...…and he has the knockout power in both hands...

He will go down as a legend in the sport

I can't see the vid now unfortunately, will have to check it later to comment

Nov 03, 2021, 10:29


Ja, dude! Fury is an otherwise animal. If Usyk gets inside, Fury will just lay on him. The other problem is that Fury's dirty boxing is also good, which limits Usyk's plans for fighting on the inside.

I didn't watch the post-fight interview with the rabbit-lipped assassin. Will check it out though. I saw that during a Facetime with Till, Chimaev was holding a knife in his hand and showing it to the camera. Probably just very new to fame and wants to be seen a certain way. Like he doesn't know that he's frightening enough as is haha

This Canelo fight is gonna be awesome...like always!

Nov 03, 2021, 12:39

"I didn't watch the post-fight interview with the rabbit-lipped assassin"

LMAO.... watch the whole interview..... he goes a bit crazy while DC interviews him... he wants to kill people.... oh, and he will also fight Brock Lesnar anytime

I recently read an article where it says that he wants to make absolute millions like all the other stars, so maybe that's the persona he wants to present.... but as you say, he is scary enough as he is already

Bisping said the other day that he is so happy that he is retired, he says lippy is crazy... he also said that Usman would be very wise to give Khamzat a wide berth

I am not underestimating Plant.... he is not a bad boxer at all, but so were many before him, including a previous LHW champ...

Should be a great fight indeed

This weekend it is Gaethje vs Chandler... Usman vs Covington 2..... Namajunas vs Weili 2

Epic shit man

Nov 07, 2021, 13:07

The only surprise being how long Plant lasted against Canelo. Saul is making habit of braking faces these days. Who’s next? Would love to see Canelo v Crawford

Must say, I like Rose’s ground game. I’d spar her any day. The totally worth the beating haha

Nov 08, 2021, 08:23

All the fights were fantastic... no surprises really

Team Whitman took it all back home

As for Rose, she is just a beaut….. and not only in looks

Yeah..... she could submit me any day

Nov 08, 2021, 09:31

…via triangle choke


Dec 20, 2021, 15:24

Khamzat likes to say “I will smash everyone “ he is a good fighter, but not really proven....let see what he can do against the likes of Dustin , Charles olivera, Justin gaethje or Nate Diaz. Then he can talk, not before.

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