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Feb 23, 2020, 19:18

Wow not sure who followed the fight last night but what a performance by the "Old fat man who cannot punch".

Sure proved many a boxing pundit wrong.

Made a few bucks on the fight by betting on Fury winning and the fight not going the distance.

Tyson Fury really dominated the fight from the opening bell and silenced many a critic who gave him little to no chance of beating Wilder. 

Like he said in an interview prior to the fight "All bullies fade when you stand up to them".

He sure showed them.

Feb 24, 2020, 07:57

What a fantastic and skillful display of boxing from the Gypsy King

What Fury does for such a massive guy, is really quite something to see.....

Wilder was nowhere after round 2, he was simply bullied around the ring by the bigger and far more skillful boxer

It just shows you, that the old adage still stands...… a good boxer will always beat a good puncher on any day of the week...including Sunday morning :D

Feb 24, 2020, 09:59

I saw the fight too, AJ.

Were the odds really 5 to 1 in favour of Wilder?  I read that somewhere.

Anyhow, here is my take on it.

Wilder needs to sack his coaching team. They knew Fury was coming in heavy and would be less agile than last time. Wilder is a natural light heavyweight and instead of working on his movement, they relied only on plan A.

Fury is not as explosive or as fast as Wilder in any aspect of boxing. I can't understand why, after so much time as a pro, nobody has worked on his lateral movement with him. 

Moving and taking less damage is always less draining than not moving and taking damage.

After round one, when it was very clear that Fury was doing what he said he was going to do,  Wilder should have been instructed to move. Run if necessary, get fury tired and frustrated, d not let Fury execute his gameplan and then capitalise later on.

Especially considering he has that bomb of a jab follow-up. Which is available to him until round 12.

If I were his coach I'd have had him dancing circles in the ring for months on end. He's a very light heavyweight so a strong lateral game should be mandatory. By now he should be in the habit of using his speed advantage to get around opponents, make them miss and then deliver his hammers.  

Wilder thinks in such straight lines that even while the ref pulled them apart, Fury would intentionally walk around so that Wilder ends up in the corner while Wilder, now with his back to the corner just stands there waiting for the fight to continue. That's some seriously low ring IQ. Nothing stops you from laterally positioning yourself during a reset, when there is no pressure on you, so that you don't restart with your back tot he corner.

Mike Tyson had exceptional movement because he generally had a shorter reach and would use his movement to get on the inside, make them miss, and then punish them. If Mike never had a lateral game, nobody would know his name today. And it's not necessarily about running in circles. Lateral head and upper body movement are just effective. Wilder has zero.

TLDR: Wilder is very light for a heavyweight and should have a bigger gas tank. He's prone to getting outboxed before knocking opponents outs. His strategy should be to move as much as possible to limit damage taken, until the fight slows down, and then capitalise on gaps to land his KO.

Feb 24, 2020, 17:49

Wilder has always depended on his knockout punch against opponents who are backing away from him.

Sure he has a great punch as his record indicates and especially when his opponents are afraid of that "PUNCH".

Fury is typically an in your face boxer and credit to his new trainer for making use of that aggression plus employing this tactic as  Wilder was not familiar with an opponent coming at him.

Prior to the fight Fury made no bones about the tactics he was going to employ during the bout and he did just that as Wilder, unfortunately, found out.

Hats of to Wilder though he was man enough to admit that the better boxer won and never came up with some lame excuses as most losers always make. 

Trust that the injuries he sustained during the bout are not as serious as was first reported and that he recovers fully and takes some time to revalue his career in the ring.

Seldom do boxers recover completely from such a fight be it physically or emotionally because they tend to live, hope and thrive on what once was and cannot accept the true reality. 

Never to be the same boxer that they once were.

I watched a BBC interview with Fury Senior (his dad) and he mentioned some interesting points about Tyson's boxing ambitions and career from when he was just six years old.

Feb 25, 2020, 08:26

Wilder has openly admitted on many occasions, that he relies on his right hand and does not care to win rounds in between the fight, because that right hand will come at some point.

That is a very stupid outlook to have in any fight.... I have done martial arts for most of my life and if you genuinely believe that you can just stand in front of a decent fighter, and wait or hope for that punch to land......or back up in a straight line against a heavy handed fighter, then you deserve the beating you are certainly going to get.

Wilder has never had to fight off the back foot... ever, and he could not do it when he needed to against Fury.  The most devastating puncher in heavyweight history was just bullied by the more skillful boxer.  Wilder cannot even jab properly moving backwards.....he prefers to wait and counter with his right hand when the opening comes.....

In some instances in this fight, Wilder was telegraphing that right hand so much, that Tyson could have made a cup of tea in the time that it took to land, yet land it did...… quite a few times.

Tyson made no qualms at all about what tactics he was going to use well before the fight even started.... he hid nothing from the Wilder camp at all..... Fury senior even offered David Haye a $100 000 bet, which he refused, that Tyson Fury would knock Wilder out inside 8 rounds, and he was absolutely spot on with that prediction.

Tyson Fury very easily beat Wilder after being out of the ring for 3 years, and he was still heavily unfit and flabby in that first fight...…. so the confidence to beat Wilder properly after a full training camp was naturally through the roof.

Tyson has proved many people wrong in the past, so well done to him.....I just hope that Wilder is ok

Feb 25, 2020, 08:36

Wow, brutally efficient fight by Fury...and he's much fitter than his physique suggests.

Feb 25, 2020, 08:51

Too true Draad

Tyson's gas tank can carry on far longer than most people actually realise or give him credit for.... but he is hittable..

Now I see that Wilder has already confirmed that the rematch will definitely take place

I also see now that Wilder has blamed his attire for weakening his legs.... because it apparently weighed 18 kgs with materials and batteries.. which apparently weakened his legs from the walk from the dressing room to the ring..

This is a first....

He has also fired his trainer for the towel incident.... on principle

Feb 25, 2020, 08:53

I still think that his coaches must take most of the blame. The only thing about Wilder that has improved in the last five years is his jab, marginally. 

No head movement, no foot movement, one combination, poor cardio and no adaptation to match situation or opponents.

Seriously, a kid can learn a new combination in one day and commit it to muscle memory within  a week or two. Foot movement isn't that complicated either. 

Wilder seems to be surrounded by yes men. And as always, that caused him to pay the price.

Feb 25, 2020, 09:44

Here's a link to the guy that I quite like on Youtube. He generally does some nice post-fight breakdowns and hardly ever misses the mark in his assessment. 

His run-down of Wilder vs Fury 2

Feb 25, 2020, 11:00

Wilder's team must definitely take responsibility, but Wilder himself has also been extremely arrogant about the power in his right hand.... he has openly stated before that he does not care about winning any rounds..... because that right hand will land.....and that is just plain stupid.

"No head movement, no foot movement, one combination, poor cardio and no adaptation to match situation or opponents"

Yep, exactly why I mentioned the backing up in a straight line..... with no are a sitting target

Wilder should have definitely have learnt more movement given his experience already

Feb 25, 2020, 16:13

A bit of a shame. I had hoped that he could have been that miracle fighter who beat everyone while not being able to box. 

Nothing stopped him from learning how to box though. Ultimately, he'll be remembered as arrogantly relying on talent alone. 

Probably a bit harsh but it is tough to get past the fact that he literally had no plan B.

Did neither him or his camp ever wonder what could happen if the much bigger guy came at him like he said he was going to from the start?

Not much to say about his walk-in other than if Tyson's came into the ring while "Everything White" was playing...we'd never hear the fucking end of it.

Feb 25, 2020, 17:12

Imagine in years to come for Wilder... sitting on the stoep, reminiscing about the good ole days

"Hey Grandpa….how did you ever lose that Tyson fight when everyone had you winning it quite easily"

Yeah my boy... well..... that's quite a story hey...…. you robe and my headwear were just too heavy for me...... and the weight killed my legs and basically made them go to sleep during the ring walk

Lmao..… what a story for the grandkids


Feb 26, 2020, 08:09

Wilder is a lazy fighter. He has a right hand and nothing else.

He doesn't work a round to win it ... he depends on his right hand to save the day.

Well ... he was taught a lesson ... but somehow I doubt it's a lesson learnt.

It's good to see him put in his place.

Feb 26, 2020, 08:57

He sure was put in his place. 

A straight-up ass whipping.  

There's rumours about him firing the guy that chucked in the towel. 

" but somehow I doubt it's a lesson learnt."

May turn out to be true.

He should be thanking the guy on the account of saving him some face, in both senses.

Tyson however, is already talking about retiring.

Bullshit. Big bullshit! 

I think he wants to come out of retirement twice to reclaim the title. 

Feb 26, 2020, 11:49

Wilder is really embarrassing himself now, he genuinely is

The worst part is, is that most very experienced commentators and well known boxing pundits around the world are ridiculing and chastising Wilder non stop, for this low level use of excuses for losing this fight.

Most experts are actually saying that they themselves would have stopped this fight in the 5th round already.

Kenny Bayliss has also been quoted as saying that he himself was about to call off the fight.

So, to summarise Wilder's loss

Wilder has now also accused the ref of favouring Tyson Fury in the exchanges and letting Tyson get away with deliberate fouls, despite deducting a point from Tyson...

He has also blamed the loss on his team, for throwing in the towel too early, and has since fired the person responsible

He has now also blamed his 18kg costume for weakening his legs..... the same costume that he told his closest aides, will be worth millions after he retires from boxing...… and the same costume he wore a few times beforehand, to get the fit correct, because it cost him $40 000

Wilder has also blamed it on another boxer who is friends with Tyson's trainer from the Kronk gym.

Wilder must man the fuck up and just accept his loss like a grown man....

So many people in the boxing industry are now comparing Wilder's pathetic and childish reaction after his loss to Joshua's recent loss to Ruiz, and they are stating how much of a clear class act Joshua was and is and how much a genuine man he is...... compared to the cry baby that Wilder is after his first real loss

Feb 27, 2020, 01:48

It was a crap fight but at least the better boxer won

Wilder has no art just a big punch

Have you guys seen 22 year old Daniel Dubois from London? He is 14-0 with 13KO’s . Is a big boy who can box, has a huge punch and rock hard jab

He looks the business. Exciting heavyweight prospect. Check him out on YouTube

Feb 27, 2020, 07:55

Yeah, I have been watching him for a while already

I believe he dropped Joshua in sparring as well

Huge.. huge puncher, but also with some boxing skills to go with it

Feb 27, 2020, 08:27

Also been keeping an eye on him.

I think he's still being protected for now. Hopefully in the next year or two he gets a crack at the big time.

He reminds me of both Foreman and Holyfield in equal parts...If that's even possible.

PS, I think I've watched the Fury fight about 8 times already.

Lomachenko is fighting next month. 


Mar 02, 2020, 17:34

Wilder has asked for a rematch as per contract so a third bout will take place hopefully this year.

I hope it takes place in Vegas as it will be sold out no doubt and a must-attend bout for me.

Mar 03, 2020, 07:41

Yep, it looks set for the 18th July

Mayweather wants to train Wilder to beat Fury

Mar 03, 2020, 07:50

WTF is Wilder gonna learn in three and a half months?

Out of 19 rounds, he won 2. And even those two are debatable. 

It'll be career ending for him if Fury smashes him again. 

Mar 04, 2020, 07:51

Most ex boxers and commentators are saying that Wilder is incredibly stupid to enforce this rematch clause, so soon after this bad loss

A lot of them are actually saying, just stay the fuck away from Fury, period.

Wilder always knows best, besides being comprehensively thrashed in two fights already

I don't see a third fight going any differently

Mar 04, 2020, 09:17

I think Wilder will come out throwing bombs. Probably trim down and have a bit more gas.

A punchers chance, and literally nothing but nothing else.

I'd say, envoke the rematch clause and then have a few other fights first. Meanwhile, get yourself into the best possible condition to win what is obviously your last bite at the fury apple.

What a tit.

Mar 04, 2020, 09:57


Wilder has zero defensive muscle memory. 90% of his defence is centred around aura and the fear of walking him down. .  

For me, Widler's best shot is to hire someone that used to train Fury. Find out where he is defensively the weakest, and then train just to exploit those weaknesses and get the KO. 

Fury does have some defensive frailties. One glaring one is, when he moves his head defensively, it's always a bit slower compared to when he moves his head before striking. His head then comes to a dead stop when he strikes.  

Just an example, but exploiting that pattern from Fury wouldn't be too tough. Spot quicker head movement, watch left shoulder, as the shoulder moves even slightly forward move laterally and counter. Physically the shoulder must lead the arm when jabbing. 

When Fury moves his head faster, he is basically saying, "I'm about to jab you." 

Normally you'd only get the shoulder and have to watch while avoiding everything else too.

With Fury, in those situations, you now have a two-tiered warning system that gives you a window were you can safely focus just on the shoulder and then rely on muscle memory to evade and count. If you get it down pat, the counter could even be off the front foot.

If Wilder can find a weakness like that and be lucky enough for it to be a core part of Fury's game, exploiting it would probably be his best shot. 

Perhaps Mayweather has spotted something like this in Fury's game and thinks he can drag Wilder over the line with it.

Time stamp 1:35 - that's the pace of head movement that always precedes that jab from Fury.

Mar 04, 2020, 10:09

"I'd say, envoke the rematch clause and then have a few other fights first"

This I agree with Plum.... let him get down to a better fighting weight and try that new weight out with one or two journeyman fights, and then if it works out for Wilder, then go for the third fight

The only way I see Wilder doing anything with Fury is by landing a bomb.... nothing more will do in my opinion, Fury is genuinely a very skillful boxer, and he moves bloody quickly for a man his size....but I was also extremely surprised by how easily Fury took those right hands from Wilder, but was directly down to the extra weight that Fury put on for that fight

Mar 04, 2020, 10:18

...and what do you make of "the hands turned in the glove conspiracy" to give harder impact.

Jeff Mayweather reveals flaw in Tyson Fury glove conspiracy theory vs Deontay Wilder | Metro News

I think it's just that, a conspiracy sore loser Wilder.

Fury will take this rematch.

Then hopefully Lomachenko, now that will be a fight to remember. I'll back Vasyl on this one...the best fighter around for quite some time now since the Olympic success.

Mar 04, 2020, 10:23

Awesome points that you have made here Plum, and another thing that was harmful to Fury was his very bad habit of resetting himself by wiping his nose and touching his head before moving forward, which Wilder picked up in the first fight...

It is incredibly difficult to train something like that out of a fighter, a bad habit......and I see that Fury did it again to some degree in the second fight with Wilder as well

"Physically the shoulder must lead the arm when jabbing"

"you now have a two-tiered warning system that gives you a window were you can safely focus just on the shoulder"

Well picked up Plum, you clearly know what you are talking about, because this is precisely what I did when I was fighting full contact, and it most definitely works once you have practiced it long enough 

Mar 04, 2020, 10:44

Thanks, DA

Question is, will 3.5 months be enough time. 

Perhaps if he were 25, then yeah. At 35, not quite an old dog, but new tricks? 

"Then hopefully Lomachenko, now that will be a fight to remember. I'll back Vasyl on this one...the best fighter around for quite some time now since the Olympic success."

Seb, one simply has to love Lomachenko. Everything about him screams legend. And he's just so likeable as well. 

His next fight is against a very hard punching little powerhouse though. Hard punching and lightning-fast. Not quite Gary Russel levels of hand speed, but not a million miles away either.

Mar 04, 2020, 11:11

Seb, even the purest of Wilder fans have completely distanced themselves from all his comments.

He has come across in such a bad way since he lost this first fight.... ungrateful to his team, unsportsmanlike behaviour….

He immediately said in the ring after his loss that he had complications running up to the fight, but said that the better man had won...

Then, within days after the fight....

He blamed his costume

Then he blamed the ref

Then he blamed a conspiracy with another boxer to get his team to throw in the towel

Now we hear about the gloves from other people

Give Fury the recognition he deserves...… if anything, it is Fury who should feel aggrieved because he should be 2 - 0 up on Wilder already, and the first fight, if Fury had got the proper decision, it would have gone down as the best ever comeback in the entire history of boxing.

Depression, drugs, and alcohol abuse for 2 - 3 years, and ballooning up massively in weight, and then coming back and beating the most feared puncher in the history of this sport..... spectacular achievement, anyway you look at it

Mar 04, 2020, 11:30

"Question is, will 3.5 months be enough time. 

Perhaps if he were 25, then yeah. At 35, not quite an old dog, but new tricks?"

I personally don't think so myself, but Jeff Mayweather seems to believe it can be done... but only in time..... how much time that could take is anyone's guess, is it is at all possible

Wilder is just too set in his ways, which is why he was twice exposed by Fury.. completely

Wilder only has a decent chance to win if he loses weight, and fights on his toes with constant movement around the ring..... staying away from the weight of Fury.....and utilising his long jab repeatedly…. all the time...….even double jabbing......and follow with thte right bomb.....and by staying off the fucking ropes, which was an amateur move on Wilder's part, which he did often in the last fight

Just the weight of Fury leaning on Wilder alone did a lot of damage to his stamina and legs, hence why he has to keep Fury off himself with constant ring movement

Problem is, Wilder cannot really fight going backwards, and he is also not used to it at all

I recently saw Mike Tyson talking to Sugar Ray on a podcast, where Mike starts crying..... it is heart breaking to see what this man goes through everyday..... and how much he misses boxing, but he is also too scared to let the old Mike out, because he says "Then hell will come with it"

What a humble man who displays such humility these days.....and Wilder reckons a prime Mike would have no chance...… LMAO  

Mar 04, 2020, 11:55

Fury wants Lomachenko to put on weight. Has a lightweight ever beaten a heavy weight, I'm not sure but I saw a middle weight take a heavy to the cleaners.

Does boxing now allows this, I'm not sure.

Lomachenko is the best I've seen for a very long time and his style, footwork and movement is pure dynamite and yes can you imagine if he was a light heavyweight.

If they break the ruling I'm certain Vasyl would take him, history is meant to be broken.

Mar 04, 2020, 12:06

Middleweght Roy Jones Jnr versus John Ruiz Heavy weight.

Mar 04, 2020, 12:26

Sorry to butt in here guys, but I just want to know if I'm understanding something correctly . . . is Tit seriously suggesting that Tyson Fury (115kg) and Vasyl Lomachenko (60kg) would fight each other in the same ring . . . and Loma would win?

Is that what I'm reading here?

Some good points made on this thread by some of our posters who clearly know their boxing . . . but then Tit comes along with this laughably stupid idea and all credibility goes out the window.  

Mar 04, 2020, 12:36



Lomachenko at 90KGs would be a little muscular creature, hardly able to move. Even then, he'd land punches on Fury but it'll be like a mosquito in front of a train.

Yeah, there's a big grey area in the middle section of weights.

At a stretch, you could perhaps bulk up a superwelterweight to potentially compete against a cruiserweight but unless he's already a tall guy with lots of room for bulking, it'll be a lost cause. It would be a huge mismatch, even if the welterweight had everything in his favour.

Lightweight to heavyweight, I can't see it happening...outside of some exhibition match.

Mar 04, 2020, 12:43

So Plum, are you reading Tit's posts the same way I am? He's seriously suggesting a fight between Lomachencko and Fury . . . and not only that, he's actually tipping Loma to win such a fight?


Mar 04, 2020, 13:01

I'm fully aware that's out of the question, just supposing if weights could be manipulated in fantasy, if that were possible, obviously it's not.

But then Fury is either brain damaged or smoking something.

In an interview he said this:

Mar 04, 2020, 13:06

Wehe . . . sure you think it's "out of the question", Tit, that's why you said:

"If they break the ruling I'm certain Vasyl would take him, history is meant to be broken."

. . . or this . . .

"Fury will take this rematch.Then hopefully Lomachenko, now that will be a fight to remember. I'll back Vasyl on this one...the best fighter around for quite some time now since the Olympic success."


Tell you what, chump, next time you want to take a bet on something, talk to me first. I'll offer you better odds than the bookies.

Mar 04, 2020, 13:22

Oh shut up Rooinek, always poking your snout in, I was not talking to you and it's none of your business.

Always twisting things out of context, heard of tongue in cheek "if they break the ruling".

Fury was asked who he liked to fight and he said Lomachenko if he moved up in weight.

You cannot take anything with a pinch of salt and always take things literally and have no sense of the ridiculous.

What an idiot.

Mar 04, 2020, 13:25

Dave, I took your advice and searched for Daniel Dubois on Youtube and found this.


I wasn't exactly blown away with #1 because his opponent looked like someone they found eating pies in the car park but from then onwards it's hugely impressive. Will definitely be looking out for him in future. 

Mar 04, 2020, 13:29

"if they break the ruling"

What ruling, Tit? Are you now suggesting there's some kind of rule against fantasy fights where we close our eyes and pretend boxers are the same size and weight? Huh? Is that the "ruling" you're talking about?

Be a man for once in your sad and pathetic life and admit you made a gigantic dick of yourself on this thread.

Fury vs Loma . . . waaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Mar 04, 2020, 13:32

Sjoh Seb

You confused me there dude

I just got back from a short road trip and I seriously thought that I had missed a few posts from all of you guys about some other boxing topic... when you started off with this...

"Fury wants Lomachenko to put on weight" "Has a lightweight ever beaten a heavy weight, I'm not sure but I saw a middle weight take a heavy to the cleaners."

The only lightweight I know of, who succeeded all the way up to the heavyweight division was Sam Langford, and he even fought Jack Johnson once, and Johnson failed to have a rematch with Langford, fearing that he would actually lose that fight.

The punching power of Langford is of folk lore...… he is known as a legend in that department

But Fury vs Loma...… I won't even bother to debate it...

Mar 04, 2020, 13:56

It seems that I was misunderstood, perhaps a LOL after the statement would have settled it.

Rooinek on the other hand prowls this forum with the intent to find fault...even a mispelt word gets him in a tizz.

He also presupposes other posters meaning and intent...he has absolutely no sense of discernment.

He enjoys trying to humiliate other posters...that seems his sole enjoyment in life. One can only pity those people who work with him and his family.

A thoroughly unpleasant individual that spews his hatred on those that are not "his cup of tea"

He never minds his own business anyway, even to the extent of perusing the internet to probe into private matters of other individuals. He delights in using the keyboard to throw attacks that he would never have the guts to say to you face to face. A craven creature and a poor sick man..

Mar 04, 2020, 14:06

"He enjoys trying to humiliate other posters . . ."

No Tit, firstly you brought this humiliation upon yourself with your jaw-dropping ignorance and secondly, I really wasn't trying at all. I didn't need to.


Mar 04, 2020, 14:21

Yeah Rooi Dubois looks the part, nice to see a young heavyweight coming through. He is in good shape, big boy with a big punch and jab

Nice youngster as well, not an arrogant prick like some boxers are

That body shot to the ribs that put his opponent down must have hurt like hell

Mar 04, 2020, 14:29

There's two, perhaps three Loma fights that would be ones for the ages, yet we'll never get to see...

Loma vs Manny

Loma vs Mayweather

Loma vs Oscar

...but even those guys are a bit big for him. 5Kgs at 1.7m is a sizeable weight difference. Worse when you consider that the bigger guys put on more weight more easily after weigh-in. 

I believe Loma would have unlocked Mayweather though. Mayweather's lead leg was always a bit planted. Which is exactly what Loma is brilliant at capitalising on. He'd have moved right and stepped outside, forcing Mayweather to pivot his hips left. Leaving Mayweather exposed to body shots and also to low to high combinations, while working with difficult counter-attack angles. Just my opinion anyway.

Of three fights that we'll never see, I'd say the Pacquiao one, provided he was in his prime, would be an L for Loma. Just got a feeling he'd brawl Loma out of his comfort zone. 

Mar 04, 2020, 14:38

Dave and Rooi,

Dubois, in some way, reminds me of Holyfield. 

And he has a similar atmosphere to him too. Composed beastlyness...or something like that.

What do you think?

Mar 05, 2020, 08:23

I've been watching Dubois since he turned pro, and more so after the rumour mill went crazy about Dubois dropping Joshua in training, to which Dubois alludes to in the one interview.

These guys never really talk outside of sparring, but this particular story did the rounds and quite a few guys know about it

This guy is a monster when it comes to power, and when he connects, everyone has been dropped so far.

Fantastic talent coming out of the UK, and also making the heavyweight division exciting again 

Mar 06, 2020, 08:14

DA, I meant to ask, what full contact fighting were you involved in? I've got a feeling you're gonna say kickboxing. I hope so...then we can talk Muay Thai AKA the greatest combat sport on earth ;)

I'd like to see Dubois wait another year or two before making a run for the top. Just my opinion.

He looks like his head is screwed on correctly too. The type of champ, similar to Lewis, that you'll never hear negative news about. Always a huge bonus and a mental victory. Nobody likes to fight a guy that is unphased by money, fame or the world. Assassin vibes.

I think he beats AJ but gets outsmarted by Fury.  I can't pick a winner between him and Usyk(Ukraine) though. Another guy I'm always looking forward to seeing and probably the most sound boxer in the division.

One has to respect the UK for the quantity of high class athletes, across so many sports, that they are consistently able to produce. 

With Usyk, AJ, Fury and Dubois...the heavyweight division is looking a lot better than it was just a couple of years back.

Also, there's a good handful of guys with clean records at 20'ish fights. 

Kownacki, from Poland, is one of them 21 - 0. Awkward style and likes a brawl. Throws rib crushing body shots. He doesn't look the part but his record speaks for itself, for now anyway.

The Kurdish/German Kabayel 19 - 0, is another one to look out for. He KO'd Joshua in sparring prior to the first Ruiz fight. Guy has wonderful hands and is probably the most creative puncher in the heavyweight division. I shit you not, he throws high to low combos with the same hand haha. Right cross ->right bodyshot -> right uppercut(visualise that for a moment). Something a true boxing fan will watch on repeat a thousand times and never get bored of. He also throws pinpoint uppercuts with his lead hand...another rarity.  His uppercuts, generally, are frightening. I think he's finished about 6 or 7 fights with them now. 

The question is...where are you America? 

Languishing at welterweight, is the answer haha

Mar 06, 2020, 08:47


I refer you to Exhibit A...

Time stamp 1:41

Mar 06, 2020, 12:59

Not kickboxing Plum, but close enough I guess

I started off with Judo, then I went on to boxing, and then I finally made the move over to full contact karate

I initially was going to go the JKA karate route, but decided that it made no sense practising that when you were not permitted to make any physical contact with your opponent and that to me did not really give you the experience in a real life fight scenario, so I opted for the full contact karate style called Kyokushinkai

I know it might sound weird, but it made more sense to me to get used to getting hit in full contact, like in a real street fight, than practice where you are stopping just short of hitting someone, like JKA, but then when you are finally hit for real in a street or school fight, all the training is forgotten, or you panic because you are not really used to getting hit or contacted by someone else

Muay Thai..... fuck man...… I wish I had travelled and learnt some proper Muay Thai in Thailand, because I rate it so highly and those guys are just absolutely savage and so effective with their brutality in the way they execute their kicks, elbows or knees....irrespective of their size 

I was in Thailand many years ago, but only for a few weeks, and I would give anything now to have had that experience in training and fighting that style

I thoroughly enjoy MMA because it shows so many different techniques and moves, so I watch everything I can regarding the sport and it is incredible to see how the small guys dominate some of the bigger muscular guys..... I can't wait for Adesanya vs Romero this weekend.... it should be epic

Talk about kickboxing.... check out Adesanya's kickboxing record before he joined the UFC.... the guy is fantastic

Thanks for the clip Plum, I will have to check that clip later though, unfortunately I cannot access it now

Mar 10, 2020, 09:34

LOL, I typed a lekker long reply and then it didn't post. 

That title fight, how incredibly boring? I'm glad everyone was pissed about it. Ridiculous really. 

I know it's a title fight and a bit of chess match but at some point, somebody must lose a piece or two...else it's just a waste of everyone's time. 

I still feel that leg strikes should score a lot fewer points than head strikes. The difficulty in landing them are at opposite ends of the scale. Walking forward should score points. It's an aggressive venture, so the aggressor should be rewarded. Just my view.

Karate? I went through a phase where I was reading a lot about Karate. It's amazing what those guys worked out and how long ao they did so. Aikido is probably the least effective of them them in all in real-world scenarios but the theory behind it is fascinating. 

There's some great resource online for old translated manuals. We talk about "fight science" today, but those guys were approaching fighting scientifically while we were still standing around with our arms out front in carrying bag of cement position.

I rate Kraf Maga is probably the most effective real-world discipline. Did you know that there is a Kraf Maga gym in Roodepoort? Just wait until the Lebs find out haha

Did you watch that clip of Dekkers? Little beast huh? 

that KO that I timestamped is probably in my top three all-time favourites. 

Mar 10, 2020, 13:45

"LOL, I typed a lekker long reply and then it didn't post"

Happened to me last week, and then again yesterday when the load shedding hit.... incredibly frustrating

That fight was utter shit..... so much so that purses should be adjusted towards the fighters

Romero was the main culprit..... he just did not want to engage Adesanya, which made for such a dull and boring fight.....and as you correctly say Plum, the people clearly let them know.... then Romero bangs on about Adesanya not wanting to fight.... yeah ok.

I rate Kraf Maga very highly indeed, but if I had a choice, it would be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, only because most fights end up on the ground, and it is so damn effective over mostly any size of opponent in most everyday fight scenarios...

Judo really opened my mind as to how you can so easily handle a far bigger opponent than yourself.... but Jiu-Jitsu is seriously mind blowing in it's simplicity with all the strikes, locks, mounts and grips

Still need to check that clip, sorry Plum

Mar 17, 2020, 09:22

DA, did you see what Rogan said about Romero?

I'll try to find the clip.

Apparently a doctor, that dealt with a hairline orbital fracture on Romero, contacted the UFC after he'd treated him.

He asked them where they got him from. The reason being, he'd never seen a human like Romero before.

Apparently, his bone structure, tendons and everything else is beyond what he'd ever come across. He said, since he was dealing with the orbital area, he'd examined the tendons behind Romero's eyes. They were four times thicker than a normal person's. 

Cuban eugenics?

Mar 17, 2020, 10:28

Time Stamp 29:18 

Mar 23, 2020, 08:25

Well ... the clever people say that it can take up to 8 weeks for a ruptured eardrum to heal.

Is it wise to push for a rematch so soon ... especially with no attempt at building a little confidence against lesser opponents.  

He was thrashed and will undoubtedly carry the memory of that into the ring.

I get the feeling he's been pushed into this. I doubt he's heart is in it. A drubbing like that will have left it's scars.

This could very well be a career ender.


Mar 23, 2020, 17:59

Any boxer who has a big punch is always in with a chance until he is laid low.

Lesson one - when entering the ring stay alert.

Lesson two - keep moving.

Mar 23, 2020, 18:12

I'm sure that there were a few hard hitting heavyweights who thought the same when they entered the ring against Tyson.

Lesson one didn't help them much ... in fact lesson two did as much for them as lesson one.


Mar 29, 2020, 13:44

Tyson has a podcast now.

It's called "Hotboxin with Mike Tyson"

He's had some nice guests on, including Tyson Fury.

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