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Mar 05, 2021, 05:46

Murray used to be a regular in the Top 4 ranked players in the world and fir a short while was even ranked no 1 after his victory in tthe Wobledon grand slam.   After a hip operation and lengthy absence from the sport he at 30 years of age is trying to make a comeback as a tennis player.

So far he failed badly in that effort.   In  the TPA 500 series he tried to make a comeback in Amsterdam and in round 2 he played against Rublev.    When in form years ago he beat Rublev badly when the latter was an 18 year old.   On Wednesday Rublev played the fool with him and although he tried desperately in the first set to stay in the match he lost the set 7-5 after being chased from side to side regularly.    In the second set he just gave up and lost the set 6-2.

Tragic to see what age and injury has done to this once great tennis player and one actually wonder whether he will continue trying to make a comeback as he failed against other lower rated players as well in previous matches, but at least in those series - which he was not in Amsterdam.

Of the 8 rated players in the Amsterdam series - only 2 made it through to the quarterfinals.   Those were Tsitsipas (ranked 2) and Rublev (ranked 4),   Both are in the bottom half of the draw and if both win their quarterfinals matches will be up against each other in the semi.    The last indoor game those two played against each other the third set went to a tiebreaker in which Rublev was on match point when he made a double fault and Tsitsipas took both his serves and won the match.    Would not put money on that one though - either can win.   

Federer is trying to make a comeback after an injury and may run into Rublev in the Doha series next week.   Rublev won that series in 2020 and although not confirmed - is likely to be the main contender next week that Federer would face should he play.    That series this year clashes with the Dubai series - which could mean that Rublev may not play in the Doha series,                                              

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