South African footballer and Olympian Luke Fleurs killed in hijacking

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Apr 04, 2024, 23:58

South African footballer and Olympian Luke Fleurs has been killed in a hijacking in Johannesburg, his Kaizer Chiefs club said overnight.

The 24-year-old defender was shot while waiting to be attended to at a petrol station in the Honeydew suburb in Johannesburg, according to police.

“Luke Fleurs tragically lost his life last night during a hijacking incident in Johannesburg. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time,” Kaizer Chiefs said in a statement.

According to police spokesperson Mavela Masondo, the attackers fled with Fleur’s vehicle and police were investigating a case of murder and car hijacking.

Fleurs previously played for the national under-23 side, representing South Africa at the Tokyo Olympics.

Fleurs is the latest among thousands of people who are victims to fatal hijackings in South Africa, which has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

The latest official crime statistics from October-December last year showed 5,973 hijacking cases reported.


Supersport United's Luke Fleurs. Photo / APRIP .........Luke Fleurs

Apr 07, 2024, 15:25

Insane murder rate, highest rape rates in the world, corruption that is beyond blatant, police that are basically gangsters who wanna drag you out of your car and rob you, hospitals where incapacitated people die of starvation...

How is one meant to respect these people?

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