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Jul 06, 2018, 22:49

No South American team gets through to the semis. It will be an all European affair. All the pace, touch and exciting attack falls prey to resolute defence and opportunistic breakouts....as Brazil falls to Belgium.

Hazard, Lukaka, de Breuner and Courtois were fabulous.

Brazil scarcely deserved to lose....but as we so often see in WCs, soccer or rugby, great defence trumps great attack.

Jul 11, 2018, 22:47

The South American sides have the best strikers. But not the best defences or midfielders. Brazil have trickery but when all is said and done, against a quality side, just not good enough. Argentina haven't been great for ages but exited with their heads held high, I thought they played some great football against France. Mexico disappointed me, but maybe I expected top much. The best teams in the tournament have been the ones that can run at you. Those pass it side to side teams have looked impotent. That includes Germany and Spain. It's a generation of average defenders at best and you are not allowed to tackle. Run at them. France have the skill, speed but also physicality and height. I think overall they're the best rounded team even if they look pretty disjointed at times. Yes football is changing, the tiki taka teams looked too static and out of ideas in front of a good defence. 

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