It's a tough job supporting Tottenham Hotspur . . .

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Apr 13, 2024, 16:38

Spurs have just been crushed 4-0 by Newcastle and tomorrow we will be supporting the hated enemy Arsenal to beat our 4th spot Champions League-qualifying rivals Aston Villa.

Not sure I could bring myself to support Arsenal to win tomorrow if I thought it might win them the League but I'm quietly confident Liverpool are going to do the business in what is surely the most enthralling and gripping finish to a Premiership ever.

I don't think I could bear the Saudi-money-machine Man City winning a 4th consecutive title and I definitely won't cope if the arch enemy Arsenal wins it so I have little option but to support Liverpool all the way. You go Mo! We'll never walk alone!

Just by the way, Spurs could well be the king-makers this year. Starting on 27 April, we play Arsenal at home, Liverpool away and Man City at home on consecutive weekends.

One more thing, if - like me - you think this is the most exciting and thrilling end to a Premiership season, go take a look at how the Championship table has chopped and changed this season as Leicester, Leeds and Ipswich battle it out Come on Leeds!

Apr 28, 2024, 12:45

The North London Derby is about to kick off and I can't think of a recent one with more at stake.

Arsenal need to win to keep alive any hopes of winning the Premiership while Spurs need to win to keep alive any hopes of qualifying for Europe.

A draw is a dreadful result for both teams.

Come on you Spurs!!!

Apr 28, 2024, 17:26

Spurs fought back well after some poor defensive lapses. This team is close but seems to lack leadership …today they also were a bit unlucky on some close calls.

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