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Oct 05, 2020, 12:48

I've been a steadfast Villa supporter my whole life, since I picked up 5 Villa playwrs in my first collectable cards pack back in 1986.

I've watched them go from Europa to The Championship and watched them screw up so many times.

But finally, we're on to something special.

The win against Liverpool last night was no fluke.
We've been doing great things behind the scenes.
Good signings, good coach
One of the best midfielders in Europe (grealish) who is also a die hard villa fan.
great owners who have laid out the cash

And now, finally, some really decent results.... unbeaten in their last 7 PL matches... and only 1 loss in their last 11 outings.


Oct 05, 2020, 14:20

Some crazy results this weekend. I wonder how many Liverpool fans phoned or texted their Man United mates to have a little laugh at their expense and then wished they hadn't!

Good day to be a Spurs or a Villa supporter :)

Oct 05, 2020, 17:48

Ja, Liverpool don't wanna give Man U any of the limelight :D

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