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Jun 10, 2024, 14:14

is he going to hang with not so Ritzy Hendricks whose been a total disaster or is Rickelton going to replace him? Time will tell whether Walter has made the right choices as far as the top order goes but he stuffed up big time by selecting the dreadful Hendriks, either Brevis or Faf would have been a better choice. There's no time to stuff around he has to have a settled top order before the commencement of the Super 8 and as I've said the bulk of the runs will have to come from the top 3 if the Proteas are to be the champions. Markram at first drop? not sure if that's a good idea but then looking through the squad there doesn't seem to be anyone else. Sorry but there's just critical bits and pieces of this team that fails to ooze confidence.

Jun 16, 2024, 15:17

Unfortunately no time to change the squad at this stage.

Struck with the Duds this WC.

Jun 17, 2024, 08:53

Ja, shit sticks.

Jun 17, 2024, 11:10

I will play Rickelton ats opener - but the problem si both Rickelto and De Kock are left-handers - and that may count against him.   

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