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Sep 08, 2019, 17:28

I can understand the desire to keep the umpires as an active part of the's traditional and needed at most levels where technology is not available. But there is something wrong about a fair, in line delivery which would have resulted in an lbw, not being called when it was clearly hitting the stumps.

The fact is by giving limited reviews and losing a review when incorrectly used, the umpire is part of the game......most of his decisions wont be challenged. And most of the time he will be vindicated under challenge.

When millions of people see the inconsistencies in these lbws, the umpires don't emerge unscathed....a bad call is still a bad call, even if it is umpire's call.

Cricket should follow the example of tennis which spear headed the use of technology in close calls. The facts are the facts, regardless of what the umpires or linesman have said and millions of people know that.

Sep 08, 2019, 18:36

Erasmus is very good as was evident in that appeal of Hazelwood,   He thought the bat touched the ball - he hear a noise - but the bat hit the ground.  However, the ball would have missed he wicket and that meant he man was not out.     

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