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Jan 14, 2021, 20:33

The issue is in the media again and  a further statement on the issue came from Boucher,

In the statement it is confirmed that De Kock does not want the captaincy of  the test squad.    Boucher said and correctly so that the responsibility for captaincy will be -

*   considered on a longer term basis and  one can assume that it would be for a period  pf five years and even longe since massive team building is necessary;

*   given to a  player who is absolutely assured of being in the test team;

*   the person will have to have leadership qualities,

I am not sure whether any of the present test squad will meet all requirements and I have a feeling they are looking at the next generation of players coming through,   I still have a feeling that Van Tonder may be the player they have in mind and I think if he was not injured he would have been in the team for the second test against SriKanka and be on his way to Pakistan as well,  

One sometimes have to laugh at the media or give them a prize for utmost stupidity,   Fact is that over the last two years Elgar and  Du Plessis suffered badly from the 6/1 factor and a revival against the weak and injury ridden SriLanka attack dis not mean much,   Elgar is already 33 years old and will probably not survive in the team for long anyway,              

Jan 14, 2021, 23:03


how frans steyn doing mike?

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