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Apr 07, 2021, 18:39

Since Smith and Boucher took over the Proteas were stumbling along  and I believe was only the vcitors against the visiting SriLanja - the team  with a seriously  poor bowling attack.    For the rest the Proteas are gong backweards at jey sped and they are worse than they were when the two took over,

So why is cricket going downhill faster than anytime since the start of 2019?    Simple really it all has to do with team selection.     The tams selected van best be described  as BS and especially in the batting lime-ups pure and unadulterated BS.

That is where the selections were supershit - with players like Claassen, Smuts   and virtually all  others being under-performers who even on provincial levels performing poorer  than real  potential candidates,

The other problem is that the back-up bowlers selected  were regular failures in the past - bit th braindead selections remain.    


Apr 07, 2021, 18:44

Maaik, our cricket was in tatters long before their appointment.  There isn't much they can do within current constraints.  This will take much more time. Picking a brand new team of promising youngsters won't work...we can't destroy their careers by trowing them in too deep too soon. GS is the right man for the job, but there's no quick fix.

Apr 07, 2021, 19:17

No it was the same guys Ock and Markram and Rabada. Our establishment players who don’t come through series after series.

Apr 07, 2021, 19:31

You can hardly blame Smith and Boucher for us losing boet.

Maybe look at our lack of experience.

Also, lets take some positives out...

Janneman again showed his class

As did Verreyne

Mahaeraj looks like he needs a place in the ODI side

And we were again reminded why we should not have Pehlekwayo and Sipamla in the side.

Apr 07, 2021, 20:27

No Mozart

You blame the wrong players  for the constant losses.   Your take om some players are BS amdf selection choices are tripe as well  - your insistence that Klaasen should replace De Kock in the team is a typical example.

Talking about averages in the series the figures are as follows for the players hoighlighted bneong your per hates:-

Malam                         =         69

Verreynne                    =         62

Van der Dussen           =          62

De Kock                      =          50

Bavuma                       =          28,2

Markram                    =           25,67

Smits                           =          18

Klassen                       =             5,67

Two of the duds you support are the worst players in the team.               


Apr 07, 2021, 20:31


Agree with you, but add Smuts, Klaasen amd  Hemdrioks  to the  list of undesirables.   

Apr 07, 2021, 23:37

Nonsense  I have been very positive on Malan, and positive on Verreyne when I have seen him. I have not called for Klaasen since the WC. Hell you never wanted our top scorer in the series in the about wrong!

The reason our cricket is going down is lack of talent at the level we enjoyed for 20 years...there is no Smith, Kallis, AB, Steyn....just a mixed bag of hyped players who have failed to Markram, Ock, and now Rabada.

Apr 08, 2021, 10:34

Boucher's issue with Makram is that he is in great domestic form.

Malan and Verryne are early twenties and clearly have the goods. Make space for them both and give'em an extended run. 

Markram's saving grace might be catching some confidence from a couple of lads that can hit the ball. 

No idea what JJ is doing there. I can think of at least five other players I'd have instead. 

We've seen what we will of Bavuma and 90 in home conditions is about the limit. 

Apr 08, 2021, 10:46

So lets analyze the above BS of Mozart,     I left Miller out of the above averages, but  his average is  also 50  - and he and De Kock (the 7th ranked ODI batsman in the world) have been the  targets of Mozart's insane attacks.

Mozart is a crazy age maniac and whenever players are selected to replace the  seriously defective players retyring from the game  - the replacements affectively has been near to retirement incompetents.    For instance - he supported  Elgar - the 33 year-old -  who is now the Proteas test captain.    The first team Elgar captained after his appointment as Protea captain was the Titans in the local 4 day final and the Titans lost  the final by an innings  and 78 runs despite the fact that the match was played over 2,5 days due to rain,  Elgar's  contribution in 2 innings was 27 runs - definitely an important  part of the dismal Titans  failure   Having said that - I have never once seen any support for Malan by Mozart - he is way too young to be supported by Mozart/ anyway.    

As to support of Verreyne his statement  about support is laughable .   Verrynne is a middle order batsman  and wicketkeeper - so is Klaasen.   Although Mozart try and hide it - his support of Klaasen to replace  De Kock has been consistent with his past behavior.   So where his support for Verreynne came from is really a joke in bad taste - is better still it was none-existent.    Fact is that it was exactly opposite to what  he now claims.    When I wrote that Kallis and Verreynne   who went  to the same  high school -  and  mentioned on site that Verreynne broke all the batting records set by Kallis at the school - Mozart  nearly had a seizure.   So his support for Cerreynne never existed.      

So what went wrong in team selection since 2018 leading to the Proteas free-hall in the world rankings?    The answer is simple  - the wrong players have been selected to play for the Proteas team and there was every effort  made to ensure that players under the age of  30  in the case of batsmen and 28 in the case of bowlers are not selected to play for the Proteas,  It had nothing to do with actual performances  and everything to do with experience,

Since selection was to chose between  performances on provincial  level should be the norm..   So lets as an example look at he averages of  klaasen  ansd Verreynne :-

                                           4 day games       50  over games        20 over games    

Klaasen                                     43,78                   36,19                      27.53

Verreynne                                  56.32                  36,74                       25.72     

If  the  averages on the present Protea players and  the  potential replacements are made - the same type of information  emerges in all cases bar in the cases if players like Markram and De Kock.   

So what went wrong  causing the decline in Proteas cricket?    I will be blunt - shit team selections.    


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