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Sep 28, 2022, 16:01

So we have just started out first T20 against India

13 for 5 after 2.4 overs

Wow... I haven't seen the wickets, but I hope it is down to some extraordinary phenomenal bowling

Sep 28, 2022, 18:33

Turned the TV on watched one or two deliveries got up to make my coffee and when I got back to watch the game we had lost three wickets......

No wonder some of the players never got a bid at the auction.

Absolute disaster except for Parnell and one or two others.

Skipper has lost form plus Rossouw, Miller  and Stubbs all gone first ball????????

Boucher must be concerned with the batting but elated with the offer from the IPL  (MI) team.

What a sad start to a tour!!!!!!!!

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