So De Kock, Miller, Rabada. Nortje and Ngidi is on the way to India

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Apr 06, 2021, 19:36

So who will replace them?    

One can be sure the BS will be  be in flood and if Verreynne and Malan is not the replacements 0 then we shoiuld really give up on SA cricket,   My guess is that Klaasen - who failed  badly in all internationals this year  will be retained and the batting replacements will be Hendricks and  JJ Smuts,

Amongst the bowlers  Sipamla hopefully will  be one replacement -  but for the rest Dupavillon and Beuran Hendriks will be the two failures to be called up.   

Apr 07, 2021, 09:52

What  I was afraid of did happen,   What I feared did happen. and worse,  Van der Dusseb ius bnit playing and he us replaced by Smuts  -   Klaasen iss til in the team despie failing miserably as a batsman,    The harmless Dipavillon and  atrocious B Hendriks makes up the bowling attack and  the fact is the team is weak,    Against that attack the Pakistani's will easily make way over 300  runs add with 3 passengers in the batting setup  - the Proteas are doomed,.         

Apr 07, 2021, 13:52

So Pakistan batted and made 320/7.   The fast bowlers were all 3 unusable.   The two all-rounders failed badly in the bowling department and the only two bowler worth mentioning is Maharaj and off all people Markram.    If it was not for Markram the score would have been 350 runs.

A new embarrassment for SA Cricket having three seriously defective fast bowlers in a team who all three failed in the few overs they were used.         

Now it is time for the batsmaen of the Proteas - but I foresee failure by Smuts, Klaasen and Bavuma - with Andile also out for a low score,   None of the bowlers can really bat,   If that abortion of a team  is to be saved from embarrassment it will depend  on Markram, Malan and Verreynne.      

 Smuts is a poor all-rounder and as expected he failed in both bowling and batting,   Should not have been in the squad anyway, Now to see whether Bavuma is any better on batting,  He nearly caused Malan to be run out -  madness,      

Apr 07, 2021, 16:51

So all the expected failures in barring failed   Smuts, Bavuma and  Klaassen made 41 runs from  54 balls faced.  

There averages in the series are as follows:-

Bavuma                        =           38

Smuts                            =           18

Klaasen                          =             5.67


Apr 07, 2021, 18:06

Maharaj seems to be a fighter, but they left him too much.

Apr 07, 2021, 19:09


Boucher said they have no excuse for the loss - but if he by now does not know the reason for he losses - he should not couch anything, 

I think the  match could have been  won - but with batsmen  like  Bavuma, Smuts and  Klaasen failing  the pressure on Verreynne  was massive.    The required run rate was  6/41 - the three duds run rate was below 4,7.     

So how long will the Smith and Boucher combination last?    


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